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Organizing with Impact!

Seshi Konu

Check out organizing jobs with Impact! A group of organizations working to address problems our society can't afford to ignore—from preserving irreplaceable resources like air, water, a livable climate, and more! 

2019 Morven Summer Institute

Seshi Konu
Morven Summer Institute 2017 hike, exploring its many acres, before camping out on the property.

The 2019 Morven Summer Institute is a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort to offer classes with varied pedagogical approaches. Courses will be held at the Morven Farm twenty minutes from UVA and will be offered in two blocks: Block A and Block B. Each course is worth 3-credits and spans ten days featuring features guest speakers, field...

Fee-for-Service Healthcare Model

Lauren Higgins

In recent years there has been increased conversation about moving the US Healthcare System away from “fee-for-service” and towards a “value-based” system. So what exactly does a “fee-for-service” system look like? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system?  

Healthcare Marketing

Lauren Higgins

When considering industries where marketing is critical in outcomes, healthcare may not be the first industry to come to mind. Increasingly, as patients have more options available in where and how they receive their medical care, healthcare marketing is increasingly important.

Data In Healthcare

Lauren Higgins

Using data skills to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. 

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Charlottesville Free Clinic

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Charlottesville Free Clinic

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Charlottesville Free Clinic

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Wild Virginia

Internship Placement Program Internship Spotlight: Wild Virginia

Apply to the Internship Placement Program if you're interested in an opportunity to learn about sustainability, and engage in research related to sustainable practices.  

2019 Elevate Series: Arts + Humanities at Work

2019 Elevate Series: Arts + Humanities at Work

Join us for our 2019 Elevate Series!  Be inspired to study what you love while developing transferrable skills by hearing from UVA alumni in top industries!  

Pre-Law Summer 2019 Opportunity Search

Sarah Bessey
Every Summer has its own story

Looking for guidance in finding your Summer 2019 experience? Start here!

Hutcheson Undergraduate Fellowship Award: Application Deadline March 8th

Mengjia Luo

The Hutcheson Undergraduate Fellowship awards provide a $5000 summer stipend for students engaged in a minimum 10-week fulltime research project in the laboratories of Carter Immunology Center members, or in the laboratories of other UVA faculty involved in collaborative projects with CIC faculty.

Awesome Externships for this Spring Break!

Tyler Macaluso

Looking for a fun, yet productive plans for this Spring Break? Interested in getting a real-life introduction of what its like to work with industry leaders?

Consider taking one of the awesome Spring Break Externships currently available in Handshake!

Capitol Hill Conversations: Part of PSG Day in DC 2/8

Hannah Guffey
Capitol Hill

Learn about this opportunity to connect with alumni working on the Hill in DC through 30 minute-networking conversations as part of PSG Day in DC this Friday, February 8th! 

CAMD Student Spotlight: Meet Jordan

Victoria Alvarez

Ever heard of Design Thinking? Connect with Jordan and find out about this human-centered approach to reimagining the world. 

Meet your PSG CPE: Lauren!

Lauren Higgins

Third year PSG CPE

Graduate School Programs for Non-Clinical Healthcare

Lauren Higgins

Interested in graduate school options for non-clinical healthcare roles? Here is a short list of some programs you may want to consider.

What Is Healthcare Administration?

Lauren Higgins

What does a career in health administration look like? What skills do you need to enter the field? A quick summary of what health administration is and how you can be successful in this field!

Meet Your PSG CPE: Jessie Meyers

Jessica Meyers

Meet your Public Service and Government Career Peer Educator: Jessie!

CAMD Student Spotlight: Chuanyuan Liu

Victoria Alvarez

Meet Chuanyuan. Or better yet, hear him sing. Read into Chuanyuan's story and allow him to share his passion for classical music with you.