The Final Tech Interview Meet-Up of the Semester!

Tyler Macaluso

The purpose of these Meet-Ups is to provide a Collaborative Open-Forum in an effort to help each learn, share ideas and advice, and practice how to ace any Tech Interview!!
The general Game Plan for Meet-Up is:
  • Begin with a recap of the material discussed and reviewed from the previous Meet-Up
    • The highlights for the Tech Job Pick of the Week- Project vs Product Managers
    • Tech Interview Topic and Tips: Project, Teamwork, and the Software Life Cycle
  • Briefly review the fundamentals of Technical Interview Preparation
  • Discuss this Meet-Up's Tech Job Pick of the Week- Developers by defining different types of developers and the roles they can play within a company
  • Learn and Review about Cyber Security fundamentals and modern applications, since that will be this Meet-Up's Tech Interview Topic!
  • Finally, the collective group will try to solve actual coding questions- The first two questions will be from the Cracking the Coding Interview Book ;  The first question has been chosen as a warm-up - Question: 3.4- Queue via stacks; the next question will be chosen by the group from the three options below:
    • Option #1 : 3.5 - Sort Stack
    • Option #2 : 4.2- Minimal Tree
    • Option #3 : 4.5- Validate BST
Thank you to everyone who as attended on of these meetings already, and I hope to see many new and excited faces at this upcoming Meet-Up!