CAMD's Spring 2019 Creative Class List

Victoria Alvarez


At CAMD, we know that perfecting your class schedules and planning out your next few years can be pretty stressful. Remember to give yourself a break and take some classes that you enjoy. Here are some cool classes we recommend to help you stay in touch with your creative side next semester:


MUSI 2340 - Learn to Groove

MDST 3740 - Cultures of Hip Hop

MDST 3559 - Media, Technology, & Design

DRAM 1020 - Speaking in Public

ARCH 2070–Intro to Designing & Thinking

AMST 2559 – Intersectionality & the Media

DANC 3300 – Dance Composition



All classes can be found in SIS or Lou's List, and student reviews can be found on the Course Forum. If you know of any you’d like to add to our list, please email