CAMD Student Spotlight: Meet Payton

Victoria Alvarez

Payton Moledor


Year: Second

Major: Drama

Hometown: Roanoke, VA


Payton is a Miller Arts Scholar at UVA with a passion for Drama. She views this passion as a gift and a way for her to “make a change in the world.” Payton feels that “theatre has always moved me to make the world a better place.”


How did you get started with art?


I began performing at summer camps when I was 5 years old and by freshman year of high school, was in rehearsal at my local community theatre almost every night.”


“The first time I did a show with “professionals” in high school I was hooked!”


Current involvement in the Arts:


“I’m mainly a musical theatre performer and have been seen on UVA stages in Urinetown (Hope), Bernstein’s Mass (Street Chorus), and Company (Amy), among others. I was also recently in Harvey (Myrtle Mae) with Heritage Theatre Festival at UVA.”


Who inspires you?


Payton constantly draws inspiration from her family, notably her 12-year-old brother who is currently battling cancer. She says that her loved ones remind her how blessed she is.


How do you balance school and art?


“I spend a majority of my time in the Drama Department taking classes to hone my artistic skills, but I also find ways to include my artistic sense in my other academic classes…I can’t turn off my ‘actor brain.’”


What else are you involved in at UVA?

  • Lab Series Chair for Virginia Players
  • Member of the Student Council Arts Committee
  • First Year Players
  • Student Social Media Worker for University Communications


What advice would you give to other aspiring artists?


“No matter where you are in your life or if you decide to pursue your art professionally, remember what it is that made you fall in love with art and how much of an honor it is to share that with the world.”


Plans for the future:


“Next fall, I plan to study theatre abroad in London. After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in the theatre performing and creating moving theatre.”


Fun Fact?


“I love Taylor Swift and have seen her 9 times. I’ve also met her mom!”


Visit to check out Payton’s work!