Virginia Film Festival: Health-Related Films

Abigail Hoang
Virginia Film Festival

The 31st annual Virginia Film Festival (Nov 1 - Nov 4) is coming soon and below are some healthcare related films to watch!

55 Steps - Based on a true story, [the main character] becomes the primary plaintiff in a 1980s California court case seeking to give short-term mental hospital patients the right to refuse anti-psychotic medications

The Providers - Set in northern New Mexico, The Providers documents the trials of three healthcare providers facing ongoing physician shortages and a crippling opioid epidemic

Revolutionizing Dementia Care - Revolutionizing Dementia Care explores how those living with dementia can continue to live full and meaningful lives, even as the disease progresses

Run While You Can - In 2011, Sam Fox embarked on an unbelievable challenge: to run along the Pacific Crest Trail from Canada to Mexico at record-breaking speed. Emboldened by his mother’s ongoing struggle with Parkinson’s disease, Fox runs both to raise awareness for the illness and to express gratitude for his mother’s strength

Short Films: Our World - Features prevalent, global and national issues occurring today

Un Traductor - In the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear crisis, Malin, a professor of Russian Literature at the University of Havana, must act as a translator between Cuban doctors and young victims sent from the Soviet Union to receive medical treatment

More information on the VFF and schedule can be found here.