STEM Scholarships Through the Office of Citizen Scholar Development!

Christie Julien

Monday 4:00pm at the Rotunda Multipurpose Room – Goldwater Scholarship

Second and third year STEM students interested in careers as research scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, whether in industry or academia, are invited to come learn more about an award that offers funding and access to a prestigious network of scholars.


This is part of our Fellowships Series. Future sessions can be found on our website:


Astronaut Scholarship

This week, the University of Virginia hosted two members of the board of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. Second and third year STEM students who have research experience and are interested in advancing science and engineering in any way (industry, policy, research, etc.) are welcome to apply for this financial award that comes with access to professional development, mentoring, and a network of other scholars. Details for this year’s competition will come out later this fall, but interested students can indicate their interest to me ( to ensure that they receive the information as soon as it is ready.