Here she is: Kate at the Career Center!

Victoria Alvarez

Kate Melton

Hometown: Orange, VA

Kate’s goal is to offer a safe space for students to talk about what they “REALLY want to do. She works tirelessly to connect students to resources and “to get them started finding opportunities and learning how to be professional in creative industries.”

How did you get started with CAMD? What do you like about this community?

“I started the CAMD community five years ago as the first Career Community at UVA.  I’d been meeting with a lot of students who were interested in having an artistic career (musician, photographer, etc.)…It was tough for these students to find contacts and resources for their interests, and I wanted to help!” 

 “It’s so fun to work with students who are makers or writers or have a design aesthetic that drives them.  I love that CAMD students seem to be willing to explore and are eager to be in careers that truly make them fulfilled and happy.”


Connection to the Arts: 

“I was a fine arts kid, meaning I never did sports, only dance, music, and theater. My mom is a musician, so I grew up going to lots of performances and hearing diverse types of music”

Additionally, Kate majored in American Studies which allowed her to examine “how Americans have used creative products throughout history to tell their story.” This inspired her to pursue career in the museum field.

“I’m also married to a performing musician, which means I have lots of friends and contacts in the music industry… I understand somewhat how challenging it can be to balance creative work with making money and managing time.”


Plans for the future: Kate daydreams about returning to the museum field after her time at UVA.


Fun fact: “I always struggle with this one!?!?” 


Meet Kate in person and chat with her on Tuesdays, from 1:00-5:00 pm in Newcomb 170!