2018-19 Bridge Year Opportunity - Dermatology Clinical Assistant

I am a dermatologist in private practice in Charlottesville. My office is located on Pantops. This will be our seventh year offering this bridge year opportunity. Over the years we have had great success working with new UVA graduates in teaching them valuable hands on medical skills.

We are presently seeking to hire students considering a year off from their studies prior to enrollment in medical school or physician assistant school. We are in need of a dermatology clinical assistant / scribe who would:

  • Bring patients back from the waiting room
  • Take an initial history of the medical problems to be discussed
  • Generate prescriptions to be electronically sent
  • Help with surgical procedures
  • Provide medical education regarding dermatological conditions and treatment

This individual does not have to have any dermatology or surgical knowledge. We will teach all that is needed. This is a paid position.

This position will qualify as excellent experience for a medical school / PA school application. After working with us for a year, the individual will be comfortable seeing live patients, taking succinct medical histories, assisting with surgical procedures, interfacing with electronic medical records, and well versed in dermatological diseases and treatments.

We will be making our decision in the coming months. Interested applicants should submit a resume, current GPA, and MCAT scores (if taken) to my email address as soon as possible: