International Students: Interested in Working in the U.S.? Do You Require Work Authorization or Employer Sponsorship?

Dreama Johnson – September 1st, 2017

U.S. Authorization Optional Employers in Handshake and at UVA Career Fairs

Are you an international student at the University interested in working in the United States and will require company sponsorship?  If this is you, going to a career fair and searching Handshake for jobs can be frustrating at times because you may not be sure which companies are open to hiring international students. In Handshake you now have the opportunity to sort companies who attend career fairs at UVA or post jobs/internships by whether or not they are willing to consider international applicants.  The search term used in Handshake is "U.S. Authorization Optional" meaning the employer is open to considering applicants who would require work authorization (or CPT/OPT) in order to intern or be employed by the company.

Additionally, we would encourage you to speak with companies that may be of interest who do not come up in your search, as we have seen some employers make exceptions in the past.  Remember the tool below is a great way to get started, but should not be viewed as comprehensive.  As you begin to apply for opportunities in Handshake, be sure to complete the On-Grounds Interviewing Orientation, for access to all opportunities. 

Instructions for Career Fairs (see first image below):

  1. Log into Handshake and select the "Events" tab on the top right corner
  2. Select the blue “Find Career Fairs” tab
  3. Click into your career fair of interest
  4. Click the blue button titled "View All Employers"
  5. A filter will appear on the left and select “US Authorization Optional” 

Instructions for Jobs/Internships in Handshake (see second image below):

  1. Log into Handshake and select the "Jobs" tab on the top right
  2. Select “Advanced Options” at the bottom of the filter options
  3. Select "US Authorization Optional"

Please note that these searches are not comprehensive and there have been expections in the past.

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