Connecting your CIO to your Future: Asian Student Union

Kaitlyn Diaz – October 5th, 2017

Check out this week's spotlight on Connecting your CIO to your Future blog series; Asian Student Union (ASU) featuring Brandon Kim. Learn how your participation in ASU can lead to the development of leadership skills and prepare you for your future career. Brandon is a third year studying Political and Social Thought and describes his role as the Chair of the Prospective/Alumni-Relations Committee. Read on to learn Brandon's journey with ASU. 

What is your current role in Asian Student Union (ASU) and how have you achieved, or hope to attain personal development?

For the Asian Student Union (ASU), I am the Chair of the Prospective/Alumni-Relations Committee. By being in this position, I really put myself out there as a leader, which is something I have been worried about doing in the past. Being in charge of a committee and big events at times is scary, but I really hope to grow as a leader through this position by learning how to manage a group, keeping people accountable, and planning events.

In what ways, can people in ASU develop leadership skills?

Every person in my organization is either an executive member of a committee or a committee member. If you are in an executive position, then you already have an avenue to gaining leadership skills whether it be through the treasurer role who handles the budget and funds or the presidential role. If you are a committee member, you will be tasked with responsibilities of within your committee, so you can learn technical skills ranging from email-writing to catering food. These can eventually be applied for when you are in a position of leadership and need to do these things and teach new members.

How does ASU help undergraduate students explore their options, in terms of career track, or explore something about themselves (i.e. strengths, weaknesses, limitations)?  What have you learned? How have you grown?

ASU has different committees that people can apply into, so if someone is interested in marketing and hope to pursue a career in that field, then they can join the marketing committee! With regards to helping members explore themselves, committee chairs will usually talk with members about their personal development and progress. These are good for students to have when they want to see how they can improve. I've really learned how to handle more business-related items such as acquiring funds, pricing events, and moderating meetings. This has all taught me that I actually enjoy doing this sort of work.

What would you tell UVA students interested in exploring your organization? What is the time commitment?

If someone is interested in joining ASU, then I definitely welcome them to come to some of our events. We always have a big, social semi-formal where we rent out a bar/restaurant! Someone could attend that and talk to members of ASU to see if they would be a good fit. They also can look into the variety of different committees we have to see if they might have a passion for advocacy or marketing, etc. The time commitments depend on each committee and the timing of events, but there's only a meeting for non-executive committee members every other Sunday for 1 hour, which isn't bad at all!

What general advice do you have for students who are uncertain in what they want to get involved in? How can they start exploring?

If a student is uncertain in exploring what they want to get involved in, I would say to just dive right into all of their potential interests - maybe not all at once. That way, they can decide later whether or not they want to continue with their interest. Furthermore, they should even look into joining clubs they might not know they might like. Sometimes, it is the most random clubs you join that you end up falling in love with. In all, just start getting involved to start exploring!

Want to explore and get involved in ASU? Contact Brandon Kim ( with any questions about upcoming events or the membership process.