Tech Ladies

Christie Julien – March 20th, 2017

Founded by Alliison Esposito, TechLadies is a site dedicated to connecting women in tech to each other.  What started as a Meetup has turned into a movement of over 10,000 women in tech roles.  Members get access to a jobs page with connections to hiring managers in organizations such as Slack, Wikipedia, and Buzzfeed, as well as access to an exclusive Facebook group where like minded tech-ladies can get together and network their hearts out.  With in person and online events such as "Negotiate Like a Bad---",  "Self-Care for Women in Tech"  and "Stock Options Demistified,"  TechLadies is truly debugging the gender gap in tech.  Trans and Cis women as well as non-binary folks are welcome with open arms, and men are welcome to join any online events.  Apply to join this awesome (and free) resource here.