Support for All UVA Students

UVA Career Center – August 16th, 2017

Anger, fear, and sadness linger after the unspeakable violence and hatred endured by our town and student community last weekend. Racism, hatred, intolerance, and discrimination are abhorrent to the University of Virginia, to our community, and to our identities as human citizens of the world. The UVA Career Center supports and upholds the messages that have been distributed from the University on this matter:

We are here for YOU

The UVA Career Center is committed to supporting students from all backgrounds and empowering them to launch professional and personally fulfilling lives. We stand even more firm in that promise and pledge to help build inclusive environments and provide opportunities that will educate, inspire confidence, and help students understand how their identities influence their career and personal development. As counselors and advisors, we also honor and recognize that every individual must work through these events in an authentic way, and we acknowledge the limitations of our expertise.  Below we have provided resources that students can take advantage of across Grounds, as well as the resources from our office that can help students make meaning of their identities and their careers. 

If you feel inspired to effect positive change in our community, we encourage you to consider these opportunities to engage with local organizations and attend their programs:

Always remember that we are here for you and are dedicated to your success at UVA and beyond.