A day in the life of a Web Developer

Christie Julien – August 21st, 2017


From Vault.Com:

Jules Gravinese is a self-employed web developer. She's the owner of Web Veteran, a web design and consulting business. Gravinese spoke to Vault about what a day in her life looks like.

8 a.m. to 9 a.m.: I wake up. (This probably sounds lazy. But bear with me, reserving judgment until you hear about the whole day.) I check e-mail for any emergencies and act accordingly. With all clear, I help with miscellaneous chores and have breakfast with my family. Then I shower.

9:30 a.m.: Round 1 of work begins. I’m at my desk, which is down the hall, answering e-mails instead of doing [technical] “work.” It’s frustrating trying to concentrate, getting good steam going, just to be called off and switch projects. There’s lots of wasted built-up energy. It’s a mixed blessing because I service nearly 50 domains so there is quite a bit of support going on. I never leave anyone out of touch when they need assistance or have an issue. Typical issues for clients include creating e-mail accounts, publishing time sensitive content, technology usage/training—things of that nature.

10 a.m.: I participate in a conference call with clients. Usually these calls are regarding the previous week’s progress, current tasks, and future plans. For larger clients that subcontract me, the call is focused on their clients’ projects and tasks that I am responsible for.

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