Reminder To Practice Self-Care

UVA Career Center – November 11th, 2016

Hello all, 

In the midst of midterm season, the election, and maybe even just life for some of you, this is your friendly reminder to take care of yourself.

College is already a stresseful environment and the energy from the election did not help with that. Some of  you may be having a hard time right now, but I'm here to tell you that it's okay to feel the way that you do. You're allowed to feel upset by whatever stressful factors are around you. You are allowed to to be stressed, but please remember to take care of yourself during hard times. Here are some things you can to practice self-care:

  • ​Take care of your body - Sometimes we forget to give our bodies basic things it needs: 
    • Drink water
    • Eat nutritious things that give you energy
    • Take a warm shower
    • Go workout
    • Go outside and get fresh air
  • Take care of your mind and feelings:
    • Surround yourself with good company
    • Do something you love doing
    • Talk to someone if you're having a hard time by yourself - friends, family, on-ground resources like CAPS
    • Take a break and take a nap
  • Take care of others - sometimes you'll find the energy you need by helping others:
    • Other people may be heavily effected by recent events and would like company to help them process what's going on
    • Tell people who are important to you that you care about them and love them
    • See someone eating alone? Ask to sit with them and have conversation
    • See someone looking a little down? Ask them if they're okay and need a hug

We just need to start spreading kidness around grounds during difficult times because at the end of the day, we're all Hoos and we want everyone to succeed.