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Public Service & Government Programs at the 2020 Virtual Graduate and Professional School Fair!

Stop by the Graduate and Professional School Fair to check out these graduate programs offering public service and government related degrees

Education & Youth Development Programs at the 2020 Virtual Graduate and Professional School Fair!

Dreama Johnson

Check out these graduate programs offering education- and public service-related degrees that will be attending the upcoming Graduate and Professional School Fair!

Top 5 Case Interviewing Tips

Andrew Savage

If you're interested in consulting, you have probably heard of the case interview. If you are exploring consulting as a potential career path and unfamiliar with the case interview, it is a component of the interview process where the employer is looking to see how you would analyze and solve a business problem. As you...

Top 5 Tech Interviewing Tips - Center for Engineering Career Development

Andrew Savage

If you're interested in programming or software engineering, you'll likely experience one or more technical interviews with any given employer. The technical interview helps employers evaluate a candidate’s ability to use a technical skill in real time.

If you anticipate a technical interview this semester, check...

International Student Support Groups

Dreama Johnson

These are program through Counseling and Psychological Services and the International Studies Office that integrates the topics of multiculturalism and mental health.

Handshake Changes for International Students

Dreama Johnson

Handshake has made changes to the type of information they collect to determine if a student is qualified to apply for a position within Handshake.  This change impacts international students.

International Students: Interested in Working in the U.S.? Do You Require Work Authorization or Employer Sponsorship?

Dreama Johnson

U.S. Authorization Optional Employers in Handshake and at UVA Career Fairs

Are you an international student at the University interested in working in the United States and will require company sponsorship?  If this is you, going to a career fair and searching Handshake for jobs can be frustrating at times because you may not be sure...

U.S. Resumes and Cover Letters for International Students

Dreama Johnson

A well-prepared resume and cover letter are essential to getting a job interview. For a U.S. job search, your resume and cover letter must conform to basic, generally accepted standards. The U.S. resume is succinct, including only information which is relevant to an employer's needs.

Frequently Asked Career Questions by International Students

Dreama Johnson

When should I share my international student status to an employer? How do I enhance my candidacy? Your questions answered here!

Strategies for Searching for Opportunities Outside of the U.S. for International Students

Dreama Johnson

Given the shortage of U.S. work visas and uncertain climate toward immigration in the U.S., it is important that you also look for employment in your home country or another country/region in addition to your search in the U.S.

Strategies for Seeking Employment in the U.S. as an International Student

Dreama Johnson

The job search in the U.S. requires research, reflection and implementing these strategies...

Challenges and Misconceptions of Gaining Employment in the U.S.

Dreama Johnson

These are common challenges and misconceptions U.S. employers may hold about international student applicants.

U.S. Employment Regulations for International Students

Dreama Johnson

This post is targeted towards students in a F-1 or J-1 visa status. However, other foreign nationals or those with newly acquired American citizenship or permanent resident status may find some of the information included to be both relevant and useful.

How to Make a Federal Resume

Are you applying for a job and need a federal resume? Not sure where to get started? Go through this blog post to learn more about this resume style.

Intelligence & Security Careers Day: Employer Information

Government Building

Getting ready for Intelligence & Security Careers Week? Take a read through this post to learn more about the different employers that will be in attendance!

Technical Details for Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fairs

Kyle Hodges

Make sure you don't encounter any technical difficulties during our Fall 2020 Virtual Career Fairs! Read our troubleshooting tips here. 

Meet Your Education and Youth Development Career Peer Educator: Kirstena Lilley

Dreama Johnson
Photo of Career Peer Educator, Kirstena Lilley
Meet Your Education and Youth Development Career Community Career Peer Educator: Kirstena Lilley

Tech Night Takeover Employer Jobs & Events

Jobs and events posted by Tech Night Takeover employers.

Consulting Conference Employer Jobs & Events

Summary of jobs and events employers attending the consulting conference have to offer.