There are many opportunities for alumni to connect and support current students! 

  • Connect to the University through student perspectives
  • Feel the satisfaction of providing career guidance
  • Provide students with confidence in their career plans

Virginia Alumni Mentoring Program

The Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) program connects motivated and career-focused students with alumni who have volunteered to provide insights about the process of choosing and starting a career in their specific field.

VAM provides students and their alumni mentors a structured means of initiating a professional relationship to discuss career interests and topics of professional preparation. Together, mentors and students develop goals for regular virtual meetings, typically once a month. Alumni mentors offer valuable insights about their own undergraduate experiences, career progression and current work which supports mentees in navigating their career paths.

What is Expected of Me as a Mentor?

  • Apply
    Complete the online registration process to create your mentor profile
  • Spend Time
    Your commitment is to participate for the year; mentoring sessions last for one semester Fall and Spring
    1) Meet 2-4 times per semester, or about 1 meeting per month (minimum)
    2) Meetings should last approximately one hour per session
  • Mentor on Career Topics 
    1) Read and use the orientation materials on clarifying, setting and achieving goals with your mentee
    2) Be realistic with your mentee about the kind of assistance you can provide
    3) Encourage your mentee to explore new areas and take on more self-responsibility as they gain confidence
  • Communication
    Primarily by phone or Skype/FaceTime in addition to your email conversations; in-person meetings are outside of the scope of this program
  • Confidentiality
    Mentors will sign a confidentiality agreement with mentees with privacy and other guidelines

    At any time, if you are unsure about the mentoring process or have questions, contact

What is NOT Expected of Me as a Mentor?

  • Mentors are NOT expected to offer jobs or internships to their mentee.
  • Mentors are NOT expected to ask their mentees to perform work for their organization.
  • Mentors are NOT expected to have all the answers. The UVA Career Center is a valuable resource to assist students in their career and professional development. Please refer students to the Career Center for further help and guidance as they navigate their career paths.
  • Mentors are NOT required to meet their mentee in person. Alumni from around the world are encouraged to participate.


Want to help students and alumni with a short-term need or question? Join Hoosonline and be part of a network that is available to fellow alumni and current students.  Sign in or register for your free account at

  • Click on “Set My Public Profile” on the top right
  • Scroll down and click on the “EDIT" button in the “Employment” section
  • Under Contact Settings, check the box for “Students/Alumni are welcome to contact me for career advice"
  • Be sure the button on the right displays “show”
  • Click SAVE at the bottom of the page