Virtual Engagement with UVA – Employer, Alumni, and Parent Partnerships

As many of you know, UVA students are scattered across the country and, unfortunately, many of their summer experiences have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus. The UVA Career Center is looking for employers, alumni, and parents to partner on virtual skill development programs, remote projects, and virtual internships so we may help students continue to explore the world of work and strengthen their skills in high-need areas. 

This survey will capture your interest in partnering with UVA to offer these opportunities to students or you're welcome to email David Lapinski ( with any questions or ideas. 

UVA Employer Survey - COVID & Virtual Engagement

If you already have a project idea and are looking for support, please use this link:

Project Proposals for UVA Students


Ways to Engage

    Virtual Projects

    Structured, remote projects give students (in small teams) the opportunity to acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems with one of our employer partners. Through this partnership, students connect with your organization and receive hands-on, constructive feedback on the projects assigned. Companies may also participate in collaboration projects with UVA's DevHub. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to partner with DevHub or setting-up a virtual project that engages UVA students, please email David Lapinski, Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Learning. If you already have a project idea, please submit through this project proposal form.

    Example Projects:

    • UX/Product Design: Conduct user research and design (not develop) a new or optimized mobile or digital experience for a consumer or user
    • Digital Marketing/Social Media Campaign: Create content and/or strategy for a social media campaign across multiple platforms for a cause/brand/event
    • Video/Photography: Create original visual content to support the digital needs of a client
    • Graphic/Logo Design: Create graphic design for a logo for a client
    • Data Analysis:  Leverage tools like Excel, Python, SAS to analyze data sets and create visualizations to support the needs of a company
    • Casework or Hackathons: Cases, data sets, or technology problems are presented to groups of students. Participating teams are given a few days to a week to work on the company-designed problem.

    Virtual Skill Development Workshops

    Hands-on experiences, often called "experiential learning", helps students to assess their interests and build valuable life skills. These opportunities can also increase student access to career-specific knowledge and industry networks.

    Example Opportunities:

    • Project Management Overview (1.5-hour training session)
    • Excel Overview (1.5-hour training session)
    • Digital Marketing Overview (1.5-hour training session)
    • Introduction to Python for Machine Learning (1.5 – 2 hour training session)
    • Corporate Valuation (1.5-hour training session)

    Virtual Micro-Internships

    Micro-internships allow students to work on short-term projects for partnering employers. These opportunities usually consist of 10 to 40 hours of work per week for a 3-6 week period. Students typically receive an hourly rate (range between $10 - $20/hour) or a stipend (range between $200-$400 per project). The scope of the micro-Internships are typically hyper-focused on a specific project, task, or deliverable. 

    Example Micro-Internships:

    • Lead generation to support business development functions within an organization
    • Researching Industry Competitors / Creating One-Pager Summaries
    • Digital Marketing Campaign Analysis and Development  
    • Social Media Calendar and Schedule development
    • Data Clean-up
    • Data Analysis
    • GIS Mapping
    • Software development

    Virtual Internships

    A virtual internship is just like a regular internship experience, except the students can gain job experience and professional development while working remotely. Students are paid a competitive rate ($10 - $20/hour) and/or receive college credit through UVA’s sanctioned Internship Placement Program (IPP).  If you’re interested in learning more about how  your internship can be included in UVA’s IPP Program or you’re interested in posting your virtual internship opportunity on Handshake, please contact Courtney Harris, Associate Director of Employer Relations, for more information.

    Virtual Information Sessions 

    Our students are excited to interact with your company and learn more about any current or future positions. If your organization is interested in hosting a virtual information session, please submit the request in Handshake so that we can promote the event to our students. Additionally, please be sure to add your current internship roles or full-time postings to Handshake, our students will be actively using the system to source new opportunities and ways to connect with your team.