Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) Bridges Projects 

VAM Bridges

Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) Bridges Projects 

Bridges is an initiative to connect UVA alumni and students through project-based work. UVA alumni post short-term, well-defined projects that students can complete in 1-4 weeks. Students gain real-world project experience that they can put on their resumes. Alumni gain support and increased productivity. Most importantly, Bridges is an opportunity for UVA alumni and students to build meaningful relationships! 

Available Projects*

View the current projects available below. For the most up-to-date projects please go to the main Bridges page. Please note you will need to register and login into your VAM account to view these projects.  

Business-Related Projects: 

Creative & Marketing Projects:  

 Public Service and Government & Education Projects:

STEM Related Projects:

*As of 2/25/21. Please note that projects fill quickly! Be sure to apply to any projects you're interested in as soon as possible. 

Previous Projects

  • Researcher for documentary
    • Research for a certain stamp that was used on interviewees's family member's files for veterans benefits. Requires researching through veterans affairs processing manuals, submitting FOIA requests for files, and/or looking through archives. Any discovered research would be used in a documentary, and IMDb credit is available.
  • Content Creation & Marketing Strategy for Cville-based Startup
    • Conduct research and write compelling content related to Rependo, LLC and industry. Examples of deliverables include: Writing content for promotional materials including social media platforms, website, blog, and electronic newsletters; assisting with ongoing website improvements; monitoring and updating social media pages on a regular basis and growing Rependo, LLC's online presence.
  • Design a logo and branding kit
    • Create a logo and branding kit for a new nonprofit organization.
  • Perform SEO analysis
    • Identify and implement strategies to increase website traffic.
  • Develop social justice learning activities for teachers and leaders
    • This project involves curating resources on race and racism for an audience of teachers who would like to be educational leaders and are grappling with the challenges that doing this type of learning themselves, and facilitating it for others, might involve. 
  • Equity research
    • Evaluate a specific business as a possible investment. 
  • Support content marketing, social media marketing for social justice documentary
    • Conduct research and write compelling content related to the Film Industry (Generate and draft new content, as well as review existing content.)
  • Learn how to Prospect and Conduct Industry Analysis
    • Complete a SWOT analysis and competitive landscape research for a company in the IT industry. The task is to find out certain information regarding the company and present it in a report. 
  • Support content marketing
    • Develop marketing strategy for reaching new law students; collaborate/write promotional materials, including social media platforms, email campaigns, website, and blog; assist with ongoing website improvements/testing user experience; identify how to maximize use of social media pages. 
  • Compile data on founders and early-age startups
    • Compile a list of 200 leads for a new advisory business using Google, tech accelerators, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Support fundraising work
    • Help a non-profit in the Admissions/Alumni Relations and Development industry with their fundraising work. This could include helping with grant writing, doing administrative tasks such as data entry, and/or communications work such as writing emails or handling other correspondence.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Build an AI livestream audio translation application
    • Build out a real-time voice translator application with AWS services. This will allow trainings that take place on platforms such as Facebook Live and Zoom to be translated into Spanish utilizing AWS's machine learning dictionaries.
  • Design a website and a slate
    • Research industry standards, work with a company in the Film industry's Marketing team to refine their marketing and social media strategy with a focus on redesigning and relaunching their website.
  • Conduct research on higher education's approaches to COVID-19
    • Assist in completing a research project, organizing collected data, analyzing results, crafting recommendations that support public wellbeing, ideating content to be created from captured information, and, if possible, automating data collection from web sources and/or subsequent analysis. 
  • Support Content Marketing
    • Brand human resource consulting service on social media, create content in the area of life coaching in the form of blogs and material for social media campaign.
  • Research/Data Analysis of Education Inequities in Northern Virginia Schools
    • Analyzing and collecting data surrounding the Young Scholars program in Fairfax County Public Schools. We are looking for help in determining how the program is currently being implemented in elementary and middle schools, what the best practices are, how the program can be improved, and recommendations for what should be included if another program is to be implemented to address the same issues.
  • Cleanse and Analyze data
    • Company has data list with potential hidden gems of insight. Seeks student to clean, normalize, de-duplicate, store in a consistent format, and summarize with insights in a PowerPoint presentation prepared for the BOD multiple data sets from multiple years.
  • Perform SEO analysis
    • Identify and and implement strategies to increase website traffic for a start-up. Help management decide which tactics/strategies to pursue. Then, with management assistance, implement one or more of the most valuable strategies.
  • Facebook Marketing Manager
    • This project seeks an enthusiastic, driven student who is interested in learning how to use Facebook for business.  First, the student will research Facebook and then provide a deliverable on the best ways for a business to use Facebook to grow their customer base. Second, we will have the student spend time implementing the tactics that they deem to be most impactful.
  • Help build the definitive public radio music playlist 
    • Local Charlottesville radio station is looking for someone to go through their playlists from the past year, clean up spelling and present data for their organization. 
  • Design and Create Marketing Materials for Ravenell "Ricky" Keller III Scholarship - to Support Black Students at UVA 
    • This project seeks a student who can design and create marketing materials to promote awareness of the Ravenell "Ricky" Keller III Scholarship. We are looking for someone who has the creative and technical skillset to create collateral and who has enthusiasm to support the scholarship.
  • Content Marketing and Social Media
    • With supervision and coaching, manage the content creation and social media platform for this small brand strategy consultancy.
  • Pinterest Marketing Manager
    • ​​​​​​​We are looking for an enthusiastic, professional marketing manager who is interested in learning how to use Pinterest for business. First, the student will research Pinterest and then provide a deliverable on the best ways to use Pinterest for business. We will provide training classes and we encourage self-study of the platform as well. Second, we will have the student create pins from provided graphics and practice uploading them to the platform
  • Create Intellectual Property Database
    • ​​​​​​​Review and organize intellectual property database for course development, speaking pitches, articles for print and digital, podcast pitches, resource library on website.
  • Research Analysis of Grants, Funding, and High-Net-Worth Donors to support Educational Equity Programs 
    • ​​​​​​​Analyze and collect data surrounding pest practices for grant writing and acquiring funding in supporting educational equity programs and determining who are high net worth individuals and donors that can be contacted for partnerships and how they can be contacted. 
  • Analyze and Develop Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) 
    • Collaborate with owner of small boutique event production company to break down various business processes and develop branded essential standard operation procedures documents and resource toolkits. 
  • Compilation of Resources for Learning Spanish 
    • ​​​​​​​A cause-based and nonprofit initiative is looking for linguistics students or Spanish native/fluent speakers to conduct research and compile online resources for learning Latin American Spanish. 
  • Compilation of Resources for Learning English 
    • ​​​​​​​A cause-based and nonprofit initiative is looking for linguistics students or English native/fluent speakers to conduct research and compile online resources for learning North American English as a second language. 
  • PR Research Intern 
    • Research online publications and submit pitches to get articles picked up. This project is perfect for a student interested in PR, research analysis, online publications, communications, or marketing.
  • Analyze and Present Findings on Travis County, Texas Voting Data
    • This project involves finding, analyzing, and presenting conclusions related to data on 2000-2020 Travis County, Texas elections budget, voter registration, turnout, poll workers, wait times, and polling locations. The goal is to identify projected strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the 2024 election.
  • Drawing analytics 
    • A company built to deliver construction projects on time by looking at project drawings is looking for a student to build basic algorithms into Python that take in PDFs and output information about the drawing.
  • Pinterest design internship
    • ​​​​​​​Create Pinterest pins for social media internship.
  • Consulting Project: Conduct industry analysis & identify opportunities 
    • Gain hands on experience doing competitive research and making recommendations with an eye for what competition is selling effectively and where opportunities might be for a company. 
  • Chemistry Researcher for Pre-Launch Alcohol-Free Libation Brand
    • This alcohol-free libation brand looking for a chemistry-minded student to synthesize academic articles on our main ingredient. This is a very exciting opportunity for a chemistry student who wants to learn about a fascinating set of compounds and gain real-world experience at an early-age startup. 
  • Video Assembly and Editing Social Media Elements
    • ​​​​​​​Work on video assembly and editing of social media elements. 
  • App Integration for SuperSaaS scheduler and Word Press
    • Help a virtual coaching site fix technology challenge to allow clients to book appointments with coaches for 1x1 virtual coaching with SuperSaas.
  • Defining the Path to Net Zero for Natural Gas Utilities - Differentiated Gas 
    • Assess the current Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2E) emissions of a sample of natural gas utilities, and will assist in modeling the costs and benefits of attaining net zero emissions for utilities' customers.
  • Grant and Annual Appeal Letter Research Internship
    • Research grant programs and synthesize information into a spreadsheet; research non-profit Annual Appeal letters; present findings to company founder using PowerPoint.
  • Organization of Research on Second Language Acquisition Speaking
    • Organize research findings on speaking to create content outline for second language acquisition crash courses.
  • Organization of Research on Second Language Acquisition Pronunciation
    • Organize research findings on pronunciation to create content outline for second language acquisition crash courses. 
  • Organization of Research on Second Language Acquisition Grammar
    • Organize research findings on grammar to create content outline for second language acquisition crash courses.
  • App Integration for SuperSaaS scheduler and Word Press
    • Help fix issue with online booking appointment system with SuperSaas.
  • Renewable Energy System Recycling and Waste Remediation Business Plan *
  • Literature Review for Gamification/Digital App Project *​​​​​​​
  • Compilation of Resources for Learning Mandarin Chinese *
  • Data and Communications support for sustainable economics project *
  • Industry Research On Early Career Jobs/Recruiting *
  • Environmental Communications Marketing and Communications Support *
  • Waste and Social Equity Mapping Project *
  • Data Science - Create an Algorithm for Industry Classification  *
  • Content Marketing for Long-Running Podcast  *
  • Design a Poster and T-Shirt for our next Fundraising Marathon! *
  • Analyze User Data and Develop New Business Strategies *
  • Develop a business case for a phlebotomy training center *
  • Developing Activation Strategy for Alcohol-Free Libation Brand *

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