Want instant feedback on your resume? VMock is a 24-7 online resume review tool, that leverages data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide instant personalized feedback. When you upload your resume, the platform assesses components such as action verbs, format, and how well the 5 core competencies (analytical, communication, leadership, teamwork and initiative) are reflected in your document. It is also designed to work with resumes from many different fields across various industries. 

The tool provides both system feedback and targeted feedback. 

System Feedback

Breaks down your resume score into three categories: 

  • Impact 
  • Presentation
  • Competency

The categories are on a 0 to 30 scale. Green indicates a high score, yellow means there is some room for improvement, and red means a fair amount of work is needed to improve the quality of your resume. 

Targeted Feedback

This allows you to scan the resume bullet-by-bullet and make specific changes to maximize that bullet's value.

Students can upload your document for feedback a maximum of 10 times per year. Additionally, while VMock will score your resume based on best-practices in resumes, the goal is not for each student to get a 100% score. The goal is to get a green zone score.

Students are encouraged to stop by the UVA Career Center drop-in hours that are held M-F from 1-5 pm in Newcomb Hall, room 170 and 1515 University Ave. (2nd floor), so that we can also help you with any resume-related questions that you may have after using this platform.   

SMART Editor Tool 

The SMART Editor Tool allows you to edit an existing resume or create a new resume from various template options.  If you're using an existing resume you will need to convert your resume over to one of the VMock templates. The system will automatically correct any spacing or layout issues.  

Getting Started with VMock 

1. Login into VMock using your UVA Netbage account. 

VMock Login Page

2. Upload a PDF version of your resume. 

3. Review feedback from VMock. 

4. Make edits and improve your score! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access VMock? 

To get started, go to https://vmock.com/uvacc and log in using your UVA Netbadge account. 

2. How many times can I upload my resume? 

Students may upload a maximum of 10 resumes for review per year.

3. Can I edit my resume in the VMock platform? 

No, you cannot edit your resume within VMock. Instead, VMock can be used as a reference while you make changes in Microsoft Word or a similar program.

4. I made all of the edits VMock suggested, but I still do not have a 100% score. Why is that?

VMock will score your resume based on industry-wide best-practices in resumes, the goal is not for each student to get a 100% score. The goal is to get a green zone score. 

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  • Visit us at our drop-in hours that are held M-F from 1-5 pm in Clemons Library in the Georges Center (2nd Floor), and 1515 University Ave. (2nd floor)
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