IPP Global

IPP Global

The UVA Internship Placement Program (IPP), Global Studies, and the International Studies Office (ISO) have partnered with the Academic Internship Experts (EUSA) to develop, build, and customize European internships for students in Dublin, Ireland and Prague, Czech Republic during the UVA Summer Session. Participating students will be able to intern in a variety of professional fields including: private sector business, political parties, law, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), hospitals, lobby groups, professional associations, and many more. Internships are determined by your interest, studies, experience, and professional and academic plans. The program includes an on-Grounds academic and administrative orientation, followed by a professional practice, unpaid academic internship, interning full-time (32 hours per week, Monday-Thursday). Program costs include tuition, housing, internship placement, administration, orientations, and cultural exploration activities. Students will live in a centrally located, fully furnished apartments complex with easy access to public transportation in Dublin or Prague depending on their program of interest. Both programs are open to 2nd and 3rd year students. 

Application Process

Students are advised to apply early so they can complete all elements of the application process.

  1. Review the program material on the Education Abroad website: UVA in Dublin: Internship Placement Program (IPP) Global or UVA in Prague: Internship Placement Program (IPP) Global
  2. Click "Apply Now" on the program page
  3. Complete the Personal Statement, Resume, and Internship Interests sections of the application
  4. Schedule an interview with an IPP team member via Handshake
  5. After completing your IPP interview, finish and submit your application


  • EUSA Placement Consultation Interviews 
  • Required Education Abroad Orientation
  • Mandatory Half-Day Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Off-Grounds Distance Learning Class
  • 32 Hours of Internship per Week
  • Class Assignments

Program Components

Academic Seminar

GSGS 3240 (3 credits)

This online seminar engages students in identifying global flows and phenomena by considering key economic, social, and cultural developments in Ireland’s and the Czech Republic's present and recent past. Through experientially-based assignments, readings from multiple disciplines, and regular reflections, students will also develop increased appreciation of the fundamental role of culture in daily life, workplaces, and professions. The seminar builds upon the relationships and everyday experiences participants will have in their internship settings.  

Professional Practice Internship Placement

UVA has contracted with EUSA to develop and customize internships in Dublin and Prague. Internships are available in a variety of professional fields. Internship placement is determined by your interest, studies, experience, and academic and professional plans. Once accepted into the IPP Global Summer Program, students interview with members of the EUSA team to discuss the internship placement, and your goals and expectations.



You will live in a residence hall on the University College Dublin (UCD) campus. Each intern will have a private bedroom and share a kitchen, living area, and shower with 4 to 5 other suite mates. There is 24-hour security and an on-call staff member 24 hours a day. There is an on-site convenience store. Launderettes are available in adjacent residence halls. Public transportation is within walking distance, as are a supermarket, restaurants, cafes, and medical clinics. UCD is 4 miles away from the Dublin city center and offers transport services to and from Dublin.

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You will live in apartment-style living accommodations owned and operated by a partnering university. Each intern will have a double or triple room with study area, a shared kitchen space, living area, and common bathroom. There is 24-hour security and an on-call staff member. Launderettes are available in residence. Public transportation is within walking distance, as are a supermarket, restaurants, cafes, and medical clinics.  

Estimated Costs

See UVA Education Abroad for program information and detailed expenses, financial commitments, and timelines. It is critical that applicants have reviewed and discussed financial expenses, program commitments, and timeline prior to submitting an application.