What is Pre-Health?

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Health Professions is the "umbrella term" that contains many healthcare careers and professional school options. Applying to a health professions school may seem daunting, but our Pre-Health Advisors are here to help you through the process. 

Pre-Health Advising Drop-In's are held Monday-Thursday, 1:00 - 4:30 on the 2nd Floor of Clemons Library.

Clinical Experience

It is important to gain hands-on clinical experience as you explore and prepare your application to a health professions program. You can seek out volunteer opportunities through Madison House or look for clinical involvement through on-grounds and local organizations. Click here to learn more. 

Candidacy Assessment

Health Professional Program Acceptance Structure

The Pre-Health Pillars candidacy assessment incorporates three essential components of preparation to be successful in the application process to a health professional program. Let this model serve as a guide to understanding how to build a solid foundation for your development and growth as a pre-health student.

Health Profession Programs Application Process

Health Professions

Meet the Pre-Health Team

Brennan Gourley
Assistant Director - Pre-Health Advising
Kyle Hodges
Senior Assistant Director, Pre-Health Advising

Pre-Health News

Sample Multi-Year Plan for Pre-Health Students


As a pre-health student, we know how important it is to take the required prerequisites before applying to your health professions school of choice. It is important that you take time to get settled into college and enjoy your time at UVA. The below plan is specific to those on a pre-med path, but


FAQ: Secondary Applications


Pre-Health Secondary Applications

What is a secondary application? 

After submitting your primary application to schools, they may choose to send you back a secondary application. These supplemental essays can range in the amount and types of questions (from "Yes/No" to short essay), and can


PHAP Perspective: Advice for Underclassmen


Hey there! My name is Veronica Gutierrez and I graduated from UVA in the Fall 2022 with a double major in Biology and Cognitive Science. While at UVA, I was involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as volunteering as an EMT at the local rescue squad, working as a bartender


Fall 2023 Health Related Courses


Fall 2023


Health Professions Pre-Req or Recommended Course Options

ANTH 1010

Intro to Anthropology


ANTH 2280

Medical Anthropology


ANTH 3290