What is Pre-Health?

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Health Professions is the "umbrella term" that contains many healthcare careers and professional school options. Applying to a health professions school may seem daunting, but our Pre-Health Advisors are here to help you through the process. 

Pre-Health Advising Drop-In's are held Monday-Thursday, 1:00 - 4:30 on the 2nd Floor of Clemons Library.

Clinical Experience

It is important to gain hands-on clinical experience as you explore and prepare your application to a health professions program. You can seek out volunteer opportunities through Madison House or look for clinical involvement through on-grounds and local organizations. Click here to learn more. 

Candidacy Assessment

Health Professional Program Acceptance Structure

The Pre-Health Pillars candidacy assessment incorporates three essential components of preparation to be successful in the application process to a health professional program. Let this model serve as a guide to understanding how to build a solid foundation for your development and growth as a pre-health student.

Health Profession Programs Application Process

Health Professions

Meet the Pre-Health Team

Kyle Hodges
Assistant Director, Pre-Health Advising

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FAQ: Secondary Applications


Pre-Health Secondary Applications

What is a secondary application? 

After submitting your primary application to schools, they may choose to send you back a secondary application. These supplemental essays can range in the amount and types of questions (from "Yes/No" to short essay), and can


Pre-Health Course Requirements by Profession


What are “pre-reqs”?

Prerequisite coursework, or “pre-reqs” for short, are courses that are required in order to apply and potentially be accepted into a specific program. In this case, it is courses that you are required to complete before you begin applying for your health profession school


PHAP Perspective: Advice for Underclassmen


Hey there! My name is Veronica Gutierrez and I graduated from UVA in the Fall 2022 with a double major in Biology and Cognitive Science. While at UVA, I was involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities such as volunteering as an EMT at the local rescue squad, working as a bartender


Fall 2023 Health Related Courses


Fall 2023


Health Professions Pre-Req or Recommended Course Options

ANTH 1010

Intro to Anthropology


ANTH 2280

Medical Anthropology


ANTH 3290