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The Business Community is focused on deepening the knowledge and skills of students pursuing business-related careers, while simultaneously informing students of best practices for finding employment opportunities and helping ensure their application materials are of the highest quality. We strive to get students to their desired post-graduation outcome.

Business Community Annual Job Search Timeline

  • Finance & Banking - Early Spring for Internships for the following year
  • Consulting – Mid-summer for both jobs & internships for the following year
  • Real Estate – Finance-based internships recruit early spring for the next year, others recruit late fall/early spring prior to the summer. Full time jobs available year-round.
  • Management & Business Operations – no specific timelines
  • Sales, Retail & Hospitality – Opportunities exist year-round. Many recruit during fall semester (including rotational programs)

Business Professions

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Alumni Spotlights

Equity Research Analyst, AllianceBernstein

David is a Equity Research Analyst with AllianceBernstein, an asset management firm based out of New York. Working within the healthcare sector, David analyzes publicly traded companies to determine their value before investing.

Major:  History (Bachelor) 

Director of US Digital Application Experiences, American Express

Kathryn is the Director of U.S. Digital Application Experiences for American Express. Her main role is to help bring financial tools to small businesses across the country. Kathryn and her team work to make the digital application process as seamless as possible so new customers can have access to the capital they need right away.

Major:  Commerce (Bachelor), MBA (Masters) 
College:  University of Virginia, University of North Carolina (MBA) 

SVP of League Economics & Operations, Major League Baseball

Morgan is the Senior Vice President of League Economics & Operations at Major League Baseball. Based out of New York, Morgan oversees the competitive and economic system within the sport of baseball. From player entries and trades to gameplay league competition rule changes, Morgan is living and breathing baseball 24/7.

Major:  Economics (Bachelor), MBA (Masters) 
College:  University of Virginia, Columbia University (MBA) 

Meet the Business Community Team

Jonathan Fries
Associate Director of Career Communities

Business News

Navigating the Summer Consulting Recruiting Process

  1. Understand the timeline: 

Every year, it feels as though timelines are getting pushed earlier and earlier for the bigger firms—McKinsey, Bain, BCG—but for the first time, deadlines seem to be on par/later than last year, which works to candidates’ advantage. July 7th is the earliest application deadline amongst these big firms (Bain), with second deadlines available during the school year. Here’s the breakdown, as a reminder: