Scholarship-Based Internship Programs

The UVA Career Center team strives to provide unique hands-on experiences for UVA students at top companies and organizations. Below is just of our ongoing scholarship-based programs available to students. 

Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI) Internship Program

The ERI Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students to explore career opportunities and receive professional guidance.  Students are matched with a host organization of the students’ choice. The program runs for 10 weeks from June to August during the summer. Career fields in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry are represented. Internships are primarily located in Virginia and Washington DC. Interns will work alongside coworkers on a full-time basis during their placement and receive compensation.  

Examples of previous ERI internships: 

Read the latest ERI Internship Reflections from UVA students!  You can also view past student reflections on our blog

Parents Fund & Sustainability Internships 

Parents Fund and Sustainability Internship Grants (PFIG) are awarded in the spring of each academic year and are intended to provide funds that support students who have secured unpaid public service internships. Each year, a selection committee awards Parents Fund and Sustainability Internship Grants recipients based on two primary criteria: (1) the quality of the applicant’s application, resume and essays; and (2) the degree to which the internship supports any of the six areas of public concern as defined by the Virginia 2020 Commission:

  • Civic Engagement and Public Policy
  • Economic and Business Development
  • Education, both K-12 and Lifelong Learning
  • Environment, both planned and natural
  • Health
  • Sustainability

Read the latest PFIG Internship Reflections from UVA students!  You can also view past student reflections on our blog

Larry Simpson Internship Scholarship

The Larry Simpson Internship Scholarship is designed to encourage rising 4th year students in the College of Arts & Sciences to participate in summer internships. It is administered in a collaborative arrangement between the UVA Alumni Association, UVA Career Center, and Student Financial Services.

Read the latest Larry Simpson Internship Reflections from UVA students!  You can also view information about past recipients on our webpage.  

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