Propel: Public Health & Tableau (Summer 2021) FAQs

Please see below for commonly asked questions regarding the Propel: Public Health & Tableau program

Do I need to be a certain major to participate in Propel: Public Health and Data Analytics?

No! Propel is open to all undergraduate majors, though particularly useful for students in the College of Arts & Sciences! The skills gained through Propel apply to many different career and educational paths. 

What is Tableau? 

"Tableau Software is a fast-growing data visualization tool that's making a splash in the Business Intelligence (BI) industry. The easiest way to describe what Tableau does is that it aims to help simplify raw data into an easily understandable format for people with or without technical knowledge. It analyzes data quite fast and creates visualizations (dashboards and worksheets) that bitesize the information and make it easily digestible by everyone. Simply put, Tableau helps everyone grasp data better." - What Is Tableau?

Learn more about Tableau, and visit this page to discover how Tableau is used in the Healthcare industry

What is the time commitment of participating in Propel? 

We predict that Propel will approximately be a 10-12 hour per week commitment that includes orientation, virtual classes, time to work on your project with your team, time to work with your mentor/coach, and your final presentation. 

What’s an example of the type of project we will be working on for Propel?

Propel - Public Health and Tableau will present students with real-world data sets related to socioeconomic disparities and public health with the challenge of developing a research question and analyzing the data to create visualizations and tell a story. For example, you might take data related to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Albemarle County and create visualizations based on which vaccine is most accessible in the area and by which populations. 

I’m in a different time zone than Virginia. Can I still participate in Propel?

Yes! Make sure you indicate your time zone in your application so that we are aware. 

My Wi-Fi at home is bad or I have limited access to the internet. Can I still participate?

Since this is an online program, students MUST have reliable internet access to US websites. Internet access is required for students to participate in the program.  

Can I participate in Propel if I already have a full-time internship this summer?

Propel is designed for students who do not have full-time internships this summer and are able to make this program the main priority from June 21-July 23. We will consider students who are taking classes or have part-time jobs, all of which should be noted in the application. 

Is it mandatory to participate in Propel’s orientation? 

Yes, the orientation session is mandatory for all students participating in Propel.

I am working part-time or taking a class this summer. Will I be able to participate in Propel? 

It depends on the hours of your job/class. Many parts of Propel will be synchronous and mandatory. For example, sessions are tentatively planned for 10 am-12 pm (EST) each weekday that you would need to be online. Please note any commitments you currently have or may have in your application in order to determine if Propel will be a good fit for you.

I am on the waitlist. What should I do?

You will be notified via email if you are moved off of the waitlist. We will make waitlist decisions if any slots become available after the registration closes. In the meantime, please be aware of our other programs for this summer. Additionally, the Career Center has other opportunities to gain experience this summer. Check out the Career Center’s Gain Skills & Experience page for more opportunities!

I can no longer participate in the Propel program. What should I do?

If you can no longer participate in the session you are enrolled in, you must withdraw your RSVP in Handshake before the registration close date and email Leslie Comstock-Tirrell ( Please note that if you do not complete your commitment or no show for this program, you will not be able to participate in future sessions.


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