Propel + JTerm Management Consulting & Strategic Decision-making Course

Propel + JTerm Management Consulting & Strategic Decision-making Course

LPPS 3559 – Introduction to Management Consulting & Strategic Decision Making

Consolidated J-Term version of course – 2 weeks total

1 Propel project integrated with curriculum

This interactive project-based learning course is designed to help students navigate complex and ambiguous problems. Complex problems range from choosing a major or career path to solving world poverty and climate change.  Students will learn strategic complex problem-solving methods commonly used in management consulting and grounded in research from behavioral science including social and cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, and sociology. Students will then apply these methods to case studies as well as real-world client challenges that range across multiple disciplines including business, technology, public service, healthcare, and more.

Partnering with the UVA Career Center’s Propel Project-based learning program, students will work in teams with guidance from alumni project coaches to hone their skills and enhance their growth. The capstone event of the course is a final case competition where teams of students present their strategic analysis and recommendations to a group of alumni leaders. Overall, students will build problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, presentation skills, self-awareness, alumni mentoring relationships, and gain new insights about career interests and workstyle preferences that will set them up for success in their next steps beyond UVA.   

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