Propel + CapTech: Data & Analytics Technology Challenge - Fall 2020

Propel + CapTech: Data & Analytics Technology Challenge

Registration is currently closed for Fall 2020 - Spring 2021. 

Challenge Overview

Students who participate in this 2.5- week project-based learning challenge will learn the basics of data visualization, gain experience working on a real-world project, build connections with CapTech employees/mentors, and explore career paths related to data visualization. Student participants do not need any background in data visualization nor technology to participate! 

How it Works

Participants will join a cohort of 25-50 students eager to learn, develop data visualization skills, and build relationships with each other. Students will be assigned a 5-student team and two CapTech mentors to complete a data visualization challenge beginning Wednesday Oct. 28th and ending Friday November 13th.

5-10 (5-student) teams will work on the data visualization challenge for the 2.5 weeks and present a 10-minute capstone presentation to a panel of CapTech judges on Friday, November 13th. Each team will receive feedback to support their learning and professional growth from both their mentors and the judges after the capstone presentations.

Challenge Prompt

Create a data visualization tool that will help you and other students make decisions about where you will live and what you would like to do as a next step after college graduation. CapTech will provide data sets. Your team's challenge is to analyze the data, create a tool to help make life-changing post-graduate decisions, and tell a story about your tool and data analysis as your capstone presentation. See attached PowerPoint presentation for additional information about the challenge.

Challenge Prizes!

Members of the winning team will each receive an interview for a CapTech internship or full-time job, a $40 Amazon gift card, and CapTech swag. The second-place team will win CapTech swag. All teams will receive meaningful feedback from project coaches and judges to support ongoing professional development.

Learning Goals

  • Build connections with CapTech project coaches and employees
  • Learn the basics of data visualization skills
  • Explore related career paths
  • Gain experience with a real-world project
  • Increase self-awareness and clarify career interests

Mandatory Program Dates

  • Wednesday, Oct. 28 from 4:00 - 5:00 PM OR Thursday, Oct. 29th from 4:00 - 5:00 PM - Orientation
  • Friday, November 13th, 9:00 am-4:00 pm - Capstone Presentations and Closing Ceremony. You will be assigned a half-hour time slot to present your capstone presentation on this date. Please hold time to accommodate this as well as a closing ceremony that will likely be an hour.

*Additional training presentations may occur during the program that we HIGHLY encourage you to attend.


  • 2nd-4th years of all majors are welcome to apply, (including 5th-year master's students) *Recent alums are unable to participate due to software restrictions.
  • We warmly welcome and encourage students of underrepresented groups to participate in this challenge
  • All data visualization experience levels welcome
  • Creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity, and diligence encouraged!

Application Process

In order to submit your interest in participating in this exciting challenge, please follow this link to submit a 2-3 sentence statement on why you would benefit from this program:

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