Pre-Health Advising Peers

 18-19 Pre-Health Advising Peers

18-19 Pre-Health Advising Peers

The Pre-Health Advising Peers (PHAPs) serve as ambassadors of the Career Center and the Pre-Health Advising Team by promoting pre-health services and resources to the University community. PHAPs also work with the Pre-Health Student Leadership Advisory Board - student leaders of pre-health student organizations - to foster communication, collaboration, and purposeful improvement between UVA Pre-Health Advisors and students pursuing admission to health professional programs.

18-19 Advising Peers 

Abigail Hoang | Fourth Year | Biology | Optometry

Going in as a fourth year, I really wanted to give relevant advice with a particular focus on pre-health advice to other students. I find my experiences relatable and want to reassure other students that although they may feel alone, many others have been/are in the same boat as them. I also want to guide fellow peers in health career exploration and strive to promote a less stressed environment here at UVA.

Abby Williams | Fourth Year | Biology | Medicine

The number one thing I want to provide to my peers is support. I want to support my peers as someone who has been in their position – from exploring careers, suffering through pre-requisite classes, to taking entrance exams. I can empathize and use my experience to inspire and help other students in a similar position. Often, just being someone to talk to is what students need most. I want to be that resource for them. 

Chris Joly | Fourth Year | Global Public Health | Medicine

When I was a first year, I would have appreciated having a resource like the Pre-Health Advising Peers.  The “peer” concept of the program is the most attractive part, being able to connect with a diverse set of students who are going through similar circumstances as me while also being receptive of their questions, experiences, and concerns to offer them helpful advice are the main reasons as to why I wanted to become a Pre-Health Advising Peer.

Shiv Sharma | Fourth Year | Biology | Medicine

Being a transfer student at UVA, I found myself initially overwhelmed with how much being pre-health entails, and how behind I felt I was. Working with the Pre-Health Advisors, I made year-long plans and meticulously planned out my courses and MCAT study timelines, and also found meaningful activities to engage in at UVA.  Now, I am enjoying my time at UVA greatly, and I aim to pass on some of what I learned throughout the years or guide others to the resources that helped me. 

Camila Cifuentes | Third Year | Women & Gender Studies | Physician’s Assistant

Becoming a Pre-Health Advising Peer meant that I could share my experiences with other students and hopefully help them out to some degree. In addition, the pre-health track is often depicted as everyone for themselves and cut throat, but I wanted be a part of changing that stigma at UVA. I believe that the path to becoming part of the medical field should reflect how we one day hope to work together as colleagues and as a team. I hope that students can not only look to the Pre-Health Advising Peers as helpful resources, but also as students who are on the same bumpy journey they are on.

Keonna Gravely | Third Year | Kinesiology | Medicine

While all of my involvements at UVA are very different in nature, they each allow me to interact with and help people in various ways which is something that I truly enjoy. More specifically, I wanted to be a Pre-Health Advising Peer because it allows me to share my story, and hopefully by doing that I can help all of you! My journey has been tough as a pre-med student at UVA. It consists of a lot of doubt, tears, and stress. However, I would not change a thing! During this time is when I was introduced to Pre-Health Advising. This team of absolutely amazing people reassured me that I should not give up on my dreams and helped me through a very tough time. I hope to give you all the same guidance. My number one goal as your peer is to show you that it is normal for your story to be flawed--it is what makes you unique! 


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