Spring 2022 Internship Week

If you are currently applying to internships - or just getting started be sure to join us next week for our Internship Week (March 28-April 1)!

Our team can:

  • Help you identify the best possible internship opportunities based on your skills and interests.
  • Review your application materials (resume, cover letter, and more).
  • Provide you with information about funding sources available for unpaid internship experiences and virtual skill-building experiences currently available to UVA students.

Internship Week Career Community Schedule

(Please note: If you are unable to make it to your preferred Career Community day, that is fine! Come see us at 1515 on any day of Internship Week and we will be ready to talk internships with you!)

This week-long event will take place in our drop-in location at 1515 (1515 University Ave.) Monday, March 28 - Friday, April 1 from 1:00pm-4:30pm. You do not need an appointment. 

Internship Resources 

Application Materials

Resume Resources

  • VMock Resume Review Tool - The VMock Resume Review Tool provides instant personalized resume feedback, and in about 30 seconds after uploading your resume, you will have a much better sense of whether or not your resume is good to go or needs some work. Need to start from scratch? You can create a new resume from a library of resume templates using the Smart Editor Tool!
  • Hoos Career Guide - Our downloadable Hoos Career Guide offers great tips, resume examples, and resources!
  • Work in Progress Podcast - Resume Myths - In our debut episode, we tackle resumes. Tune in to learn: how can you get your resume past a screening algorithm, what counts as “work experience,” AND when to mention Spongebob Club. First impressions count. Ensure your resume is error-free, reflects you, and helps you open the door to your next adventure.

Samples & More Helpful Info: 

Cover Letter Resources

  • Hoos Career Guide - Our downloadable Hoos Career Guide offers great tips, resume examples, and resources!
  • Work in Progress Podcast - What to Cover in a Cover Letter - Listen to learn Kate’s two-column chart strategy for choosing what to include in your cover letter. 

Samples & More Helpful Info: 

UVA Internship Programs 

Hoos Internship Accelerator

This program is designed to open up opportunities for students to access quality, career-propelling summer internships that might otherwise seem out of reach—especially during this time of pandemic-related uncertainty. Internship opportunities are available in key skill areas and not limited by geography. 

Eligibility: Currently enrolled rising third-years and fourth-years at UVA who will be enrolled in the fall following their internship and are in academic good standing.  

Application Deadlines: 

  • First-Round: April 18, 2021
  • Second-Round: May 16, 2021

Learn more: https://career.virginia.edu/HoosInternshipAccelerator/Students

Internship Placement Program

For over 40 years, the UVA Internship Placement Program (IPP) has connected students with quality professional internships. The IPP team matches you with a customized internship placement based on the best opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals. We will help you develop your skills and knowledge through a Professional Development Workshop and provide ongoing support in all aspects of your internship experience. 

Summer 2021 - Application Reopens on a Rolling Basis on Thursday, April 1st 

Academic Year 21 - 22 - Application Launches on Thursday, April 1st 

Learn more: https://career.virginia.edu/internship-placement-program

Internships on Handshake 

Handshake is the ultimate recruiting platform for students! Over 22 million students and young alumni from over 900 universities currently use the platform.

Handshake Quick Search Links for Internships*

Discover internships recently posted by recruiters in Handshake through the links below.  *Please note that you will need to be logged into Handshake for these links to work properly. 

How to Create Saved Searches in Handshake 

Another great way to continue your search for jobs and internships is to create a saved search and set job alerts. You can learn how to use saved job search and alerts by checking out the following resources: 

How to 'Follow' Employers You Want to Work For 

When you follow an employer on Handshake, you get important updates that can boost your internship search. Just click the “Follow” button on the upper right-hand corner of an employer’s Handshake page, and you’ll be the first to know when they post new jobs and internships. This will help you get a head start on applying to relevant opportunities and ensure you don’t miss application deadlines.

You’ll also be notified when the employers you follow are hosting an on-campus event or virtual event on Handshake or will be at a career fair. So you can plan to attend these events and meet recruiters face-to-face or online—an invaluable way to stand out to employers.  

Internship Funding 

Parents Fund and Sustainability Internship Grants

Parents Fund and Sustainability Internship Grants of  $3,000 each are awarded in the spring of each academic year and are intended to provide funds that support 2nd and 3rd-year students who have secured unpaid internships in any of the five areas of public concern as defined by the Virginia 2020 Commission: 

  • Civic Engagement and Public Policy
  • Economic and Business Development
  • Education (both K-12 and Lifelong Learning)
  • Environment (both planned and natural)
  • Health
  • Sustainability

Application Process & Deadline 

Round 1: April 4, 2021, at 11:59 pm - See Handshake for application

Round 2: May 9, 2021, at 11:59 pm - See Handshake for application 

Learn more about the Parents Fund and Sustainability Internship Grants

The Z Society’s Gilbert J. Sullivan Internship

The Gilbert J. Sullivan Scholarship awards $2,000 to a returning University undergraduate student. The scholarship intends to provide an opportunity for students to take a summer internship otherwise unattainable because of financial constraints. Priority will be given to applicants with a demonstrated financial need.

Application Process & Deadline 

ROUND 1: Applications for the first round are due by 11:37 pm on Friday, March 12th, 2021.

ROUND 2: Applications for the second round are due by 11:37 pm on Friday, April 23rd, 2021.

Download the application form.

Please apply for either the first or second round based on which timeline better suits your needs; you may not apply for both rounds. All materials should be emailed to zsociety3711@gmail.com. Please use “Sullivan Award 2021 Application – FirstNameLastName” as the subject line of the email submission. If you do not receive an email confirming your submission by two days after the deadline, please email zsociety3711@gmail.com to ensure your application was received. Decisions will be announced within two weeks of the application deadline.

Larry Simpson Internship Scholarship

The Larry Simpson Internship Scholarship is designed to encourage rising 4th-year students in the College of Arts & Sciences to participate in summer internships. The award will total up to $2,000 per summer. In evaluating applications, high priority will be placed on financial need, the connection between academic and career goals, level of responsibility, and quality of the application.

Application Process & Deadline 

ROUND 1: APRIL 4, 2021 at 11:59 pm - See Handshake for job posting/application

ROUND 2: MAY 9, at 11:59 pm - See Handshake for job posting/application

Learn more about the Larry Simpson Internship Scholarship

Project-Based Learning 

UVA Launchpad

UVA Launchpad is an intensive, eight-week University of Virginia program custom-built to prepare students for the world of work by combining liberal arts coursework, technical “bootcamp” style training, and career-focused projects.

Eligibility: This online program is built for rising second-, third- and fourth-year undergraduate students in UVA’s College of Arts & Sciences, but is also open to other students, including undergraduate students at other universities. Incoming first-year students are not eligible. 

Learn more: https://launchpad.virginia.edu/

Virginia Alumni Mentoring (VAM) Bridges Projects

Bridges is an initiative to connect UVA alumni and students through project-based work. UVA alumni post short-term, well-defined projects that students can complete in 1-4 weeks. Students gain real-world project experience that they can put on their resumes. 

Additional UVA-Based Programs to Explore