Diversity & Inclusion Resources

The University of Virginia Career Center is committed to diverse and inclusive practices in all facets of counseling, programming, and career development. All students’ backgrounds, perspectives, and identities are valued and respected as we acknowledge the systemic forms of discrimination that have marginalized underrepresented and underserved students. We aim to use an intersectional approach in our services and be mindful of how power, privilege, and bias are at play within the employment process. In an effort to create an environment where all students feel welcomed, celebrated, and heard, we invite feedback and dialogue on how we can better meet these goals.

UVA is comprised of myriad peoples with majority and non-majority identifiers (traits, culture, physical attributes, ethnicity, race, beliefs, values, personality, etc.).  In traditional terms, many of us identify in various ways racially, ethnically, and culturally as well as individually. It is important to reflect on how your sense of identity influences your career development process. The UVA Career Center is here to assist you in finding opportunities to explore careers, connect with professionals, and ask helpful questions to determine your best fit with an employer. 

    For Example, A Career Counselor Can Help You Answer:

    • Do I share my identity in the application process?
    • How can I access mentors in career fields of interest to me?
    • Are there particular employment opportunities and internships accessible to students with my specific identity or background?

    Tips for Researching Employers

    • Is there an employee interest group for staff with my shared identity?
    • What percentage of employees make up that identity group?
    • What percentage of those employees are executives/managers?
    • Review the anti-discrimination policies of the organization
    • Participate in employer information sessions, career fairs and campus recruiting and ask current staff for their perspectives

    Check out the tailored advice to an assortment of demographics at UVA below, and schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to learn more.

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Career Development Resources by Student Populations: