DC Healthcare Academy

 DC Healthcare Academy

The DC Healthcare Academy program builds on your liberal arts education and competency in the 4 P’s of healthcare - pharma, policy, providers, and payers.

Due to COVID-19, our Business and Healthcare Academies have been canceled until further notice.

Program Overview

The DC Healthcare Academy program builds on your liberal arts education and competency in the 4 P’s of healthcare - pharma, policy, providers, and payers.  Students will expand their healthcare acumen to understand how healthcare policies are formed, explain the barriers to healthcare access, describe the spectrum of the healthcare delivery system, articulate the healthcare payment system, and understand the role of technology and analytics in healthcare.

In addition to the industry awareness component, students will gain skills working in teams, solving business cases, networking with professionals, and leading presentations. This course will give students an understanding of how their Liberal Arts backgrounds have uniquely prepared them for healthcare-oriented careers in these areas. Through active engagement with alumni mentors and hands-on cases, students will develop a deeper recognition of the career opportunities available to professionals in the healthcare disciplines and through intensive career coaching sessions, the students will enhance their ability to communicate their personal story to prospective employers.

Program Timeline

  • Applications Due: Sunday, November 3rd 
  • Request for Financial Assistance Due: Sunday, November 3rd 
  • Students Notified of Acceptance/Deferral: Monday, November 18th
  • Student Program Dues Deadline: Monday, December 2nd
  • Student Orientation: Thursday, December 12th
  • Program Dates: Sunday, January 5th – Friday, January 10th

Application Process

To be considered for the program you must complete the attendee survey attached via the Handshake event.

Program Fees

The $650 program fee includes all food, lodging, and transportation around the city. Once selected you will be prompted to complete the program fee via Handshake.  Limited financial assistance is available for students who need support paying the $500 program fee. Please email mam6fb@virginia.edu if you need to request assistance.


Students are required to stay at the hotel booked in Arlington, VA throughout the duration of the program. All reservations are made by the UVA Career Center.

Daily Schedule

Each day may be slightly different but typically we will arrive at each location by 8am and leave around 5:00pm. This is an immersive opportunity and casework will require group meetings back in the hotel. 

Sunday, January 5th

Evening Program:

  • Arrive at the hotel (located in Arlington, VA) 
  • Dinner in Arlington
  • Program Kickoff and Myers-Briggs Test

Monday, January 6th

Day Program:

Host: The Urban Institute

  • Introduction to Healthcare Scope and Complexity Presentation
  • Communication for Healthcare Results Discussion
  • Introduction to Policy Presentation

Evening Program:

  • Group Policy Case Study and Dinner

Tuesday, January 7th 

Day Program:

Host: Kaiser Permanente

  • Group Presentations: Policy Case Study
  • “Is there a typical patient experience?”/Integrated System of Care
  • Tour of Kaiser
  • What is needed to succeed at care delivery?

Evening Program:

  • Group Policy Case Study and Dinner

Wednesday, January 8th 

Day Program:

  • Host: American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
  • Group Presentations: Case Study
  • Healthcare Economics Alumni Panel
  • Quality of Care- Accountable Care Organizations
  • Opportunities with AEI

Evening Program:

  • Networking Dinner

Thursday, January 9th 

Day Program:

Host: TBD

  • Healthcare Reform
  • Big Data and Interoperability
  • Project Management and Agile Methods
  • Design Thinking Workshop

Evening Program:

  • Group Capstone Case Study

Friday, January 10th 

Day Program:


  • Group Presentations: Capstone Case
  • Overview of MITRE
  • Healthcare as a Career Presentation


This program exceeded my expectations in that it was fast moving and taught me more in one week than I thought was possible. - January 2019 Attendee

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