The University of Virginia is comprised of myriad peoples with majority and non-majority identifiers (traits, culture, physical attributes, ethnicity, race, beliefs, values, personality, etc.).  In traditional terms, many of us identify in various ways racially, ethnically, and culturally as well as individually.  Our multiculturalism ideally goes beyond inclusion to involve respect for and celebration of differences.  In this regard we are a community of distinction. 

The University Career Center understands that our diverse population may require us to address different needs.  With this in mind, we have attempted to tailor career advice to an assortment of demographics at U.Va.--these "Specific Populations" are listed below. 

We hope that you will find this section useful and encourage you to explore our resources.  We have tried to provide resources for a comprehensive list of groups and realize it may not contain all of the unique groups at U.Va.  If you identify with a group not listed here and are seeking resources please contact Dillon Kuhn at

There are many professional career exploration and developmental opportunities for African American Students. 

We are committed to helping UVA Transfer Students in their job search. 

Learn more about career and development opportunities for female UVA students.