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Student Activity Report

The UVA Student Outcome Activity Report (SOAR) is a vital tool in better understanding the professional development of our students. Perhaps you are exploring job or internship opportunities; perhaps you are applying to graduate or professional school; perhaps you are planning to travel or be a service volunteer; or perhaps you are deciding your next step after graduation.  No matter which of these describes you, we are interested in knowing your plans and available to offer assistance with your next steps. Please log-in to SOAR now and complete your profile. It takes 5 minutes and provides the University with valuable data that informs the creation of career development programs that align with future students' goals and aspirations. 

Students can now access outcome trends for the Class of 2016! Log-in now and click on Research Tools to check out the below: 

  • Hiring Timelines by Industry: Get a better feel for when you should start the job search in your industry of interest
  • Average Salaries by Major and Employer: See what students in your major averaged last year and go into offer negotiations with all the information you need
  • Job Source: Check out where and how students secured jobs or internships by major and industry so you have a starting point in your search
  • Graduate School Acceptance and Fields of Study: Learn what fields of study students in your major are pursuing after graduation and where

If you have any questions about SOAR, please contact the UVA Career Center at

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Outcome Activity Report (General)

Q: Does a student at the University of Virginia need to complete the SOAR profile? Or is it optional? If a student does need to complete the SOAR profile, when does it need to be completed? 
: We strongly encourage all UVA students to complete their SOAR profiles because it helps Career Services develop future programming and better understand where students are in their job search process. It is not necessarily required, but we are hoping to receive close to a 100% response rate from students if possible. Your profile takes about 3-5 minutes to complete and we would love if you could complete this as soon as it is convenient for you but no later than October 2016.

Q: Is SOAR connected to LinkedIn?
No, SOAR cannot connect or load your experiences from LinkedIn or Handshake. 

Q: Who has access to my data?
Reported activity data, including salary information, for all UVA students will be aggregated to maintain anonymity. This aggregated information will be made available to students, faculty, and University administrators through the SOAR website.

Q: How is my data used?
Data will be used to help UVA learn about student work experiences and professional development in order to better align career development programs with students’ goals and aspirations.

Post-Graduation Experience

Q: I’m a part-time graduate student and will be keeping my full-time job when I graduate. Do I need to enter my job in SOAR and if so, how?
Yes, we would like to know if students are staying in their full-time positions post-graduation. Students can enter this information by selecting Add Continuing Current Job. Please note that students should indicate the actual start-date of their employment and not a date after graduation.

Q: Where do I enter public service experience (i.e. Teach for America or Peace Corps) as a Post-Graduation Destination?
Students can report service organizations as a post-graduation outcome. They should select Add Other Outcome and select the Service Organization button. Please note that currently we do not have a field to collect living wage or salary for these positions.

Q: What does Own Venture mean?  
Are you an entrepreneur or a partner in a new venture? We want to know! Enter your activity data related to ventures by selecting the Own Venture button under the pre- and post-graduation job phases. Please select the job phase that is most appropriate based on timing.

Q: How do I report plans to travel after graduation?
Students can report taking time to travel after graduation by selecting the Post-Graduation Destination Option, choosing “add Other Outcomes”, and then indicating travel plans under the additional details box under “Other Intentions” under “Other Outcomes”.

Pre-Graduation Experiences

Q: I have completed several internships. Would you like me to enter all of them?
Yes, we would love to know all of your internship experiences, but we understand that could take some time. For now, we want the most recent information, preferably from last summer and any plans you have for the upcoming summer!

Q: How do I enter prior internship experiences?
 You can report past internships and other summer experiences as a Pre-Graduation Experience. Select Add Pre-Graduation Experience, Accepted Pre-Graduation Experience Offer, and then set the start and end dates as appropriate.

Q: I can’t remember the exact dates of my offers or internship. What should I do?
We understand it’s sometimes hard to remember the specific dates of employment. If possible, please refer to offer letters or other paperwork referencing your employment with an organization. If you are unable to find this information, please identify the month and year by selecting the first Monday of the appropriate month and year.

Q: Where do I enter Summer Research experiences?
Students can report Summer Research experiences as a Pre-Graduation Experience. They should select Add Other Summer Experience and Select Research from the drop-down menu.

Q: Where do I report on-Grounds or part-time employment?
Students can report on-Grounds employment as a Pre-Graduation Experience. They should select Add Pre-Graduation Experience, Accepted Pre-Graduation Experience Offer, and then set the start and end dates as appropriate.

Q: How do I report compensation when I received a stipend or scholarship for my internship?
Students can report scholarship funds as compensation by going to the Pre-Graduation Experience job phase, and adjusting the Base Salary information under Starting Compensation to per year, quarter, month, or week as appropriate. If students received scholarship funds, please note this in the comments section.

Q: What is the difference between the Pre-Graduation Experience Continuing Education and Summer Classes?
A: Continuing education
is for students that are pursuing additional advanced degrees, which may be at another institution. Summer Classes are classes taken for credit that contribute to the pursuit of your current degree at your current institution.  Please note that if you are continuing your education after graduation, you should report this outcome in the Post-Graduation Destination section under the Add Education option.