Career Options

Career Exploration Workshops

How do I choose a major? How do I know that a major is right for me?  What if I pick the wrong major?  How do I figure out what to do after graduation?  How do I figure out what my skills are?  How do I know that the things I'm learning about now will help me later on? What if I end up working in an industry or a field I hate?

Gain Experience

A great first step toward an internship is to gain experience on Grounds.  Consider student organizations, class projects, and other experiential learning opportunities to build transferable skills that employers will find beneficial to their organizations and provide direction for your search.  Externships, job shadowing, and volunteer service learning are additional ways to increase your industry exposure and career focus giving you an edge as an intern candidate.

What am I Going to Do This Summer?

Melvin Walker – April 26th, 2017

The spring 2017 semester is almost over. As a second year, I know many of you all, my fellow classmates, are worried about what you will be doing this summer. Many of you all are probably asking yourselves questions such as: “Should I get an internship?”, “Should I work?”, “Should I study abroad?”, “Should I take a summer course in Charlottesville?”, and the list goes on. The summer is a time to first relax after a hard spring semester and second to pursue anything of interest to you. Here is a list of potential things you can do: