Douglas Boettner, PhD '07

It is really more about gaining skills and experience than mastery of subject. Ensure that you are gaining the skills you need to accomplish your goals after school. If I were to start today, I'd want to know a list of things: how to write a persuasive paper, how to write a basic program, how to choose and perform statistical analysis, the best strategies for library research, skills for visualizing large datasets and the state-of-the-art tools in my chosen field. Douglas Boettner Microbiology PhD '07, Medical Science Liaison at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Getting involved is one of the best ways to test out a particular career and get a head start in the job search. Experiences provide you with insight into a career field that can lead to better decision-making down the road. Additionally, experience is highly valued by employers as it shows your interests and skill-development.


Internships, externships, and fellowships provide experience outside of the classroom. They give you a chance to explore a particular field and to gain valuable work experience. You'll find that employers and interviewers are usually interested in asking about your experience in internships, externships, and fellowships. Internships can be completed during the summer or during the school year here in Charlottesville. You can intern as early as your first year and sometimes even after you graduate. 

Student Organizations

The University of Virginia offers endless opportunities to get involved on Grounds. You will become more connected to UVA, discover new friends with similar interests, explore your passion and strengths, and build your resume.

Business Community

Have you thought about working in the financial sector? Want to use your communication, teamwork and data analysis skills? Is it numbers and figures you gravitate toward or do you enjoy leading others? Exploring opportunities in a corporate setting? The business community covers a lot of ground. Delve in to learn more about the opportunities within the business community.

Creative Arts, Media & Design Community

Do you approach your work with an artistic bent? Enjoy the satisfaction of creating a design, product, or event? Get information and inspiration about industries like Visual Art & Design, Performing Arts, Arts Management,  Film & Video Production, Entertainment,  Tourism & Culinary Arts,  Writing

Education, Counseling, & Youth Development Community

Want to learn more about helping professions? The Education, Counseling, & Youth Development community provides resources and support for students interested in the fields of Teaching & Instruction, Human Services (Counseling, Social Work, Disability Services), Library & Information Science, Training & Development, Student Services, Educational Leadership & Administration, Education Technology & Innovation, and other similar industries.

Engineering, Science & Technology Community

 Do you have a knack for technology and a desire to innovate and invent?  Like solving complex problems and conducting in-depth research? The Engineering Science and Technology community has information and resources on fields such as Environmental Science, Energy and Natural Resources, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Biotech and Medical Technology, and more.  Explore how your love of investigation and inquiry can connect to real-world opportunities.

Healthcare Community

Do you desire a fast-paced and challenging work environment where your work directly impacts others?  Like streamlining complex processes or resolving emerging issues? The Healthcare Career Community in conjunction with Pre-Health Advising at the UVA Career Center provides a cohesive experience for students interested in exploring both clinical roles as well as roles in the areas of Health Administration/Management, Health Information, Assessment and Insurance, Public Health, Health Policy, and Health Promotion/Wellness.

Public Service & Government Community

Do you seek activities that contribute to the betterment of society?  Do you enjoy helping others but are unsure of how it fits into a career?  Use this space to get information and inspiration about industries like Nonprofit and Community Organizations, Humanitarianism, International Development, Social Services, Public Health, Religious/Spiritual Organizations and more!