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Many people think picking a major means picking a career, but a major is just one factor that can help determine your career path. Career development is a continual process that begins before you even arrive at the university. Start your own path through following the resources below to "assess" your interests, values, and skills, "explore" potential majors and careers, "prepare" to make decisions based on what you've learned, and "act" through gaining experience and moving towards your goals.

The career development process starts by taking time to reflect on your personal interests, values, and skills. Learn more about how the Career Center can help you uncover this information through formal assessments, workshops, and individual appointments.

Understand the process involved with choosing a major and clarify the connection to potential career paths. Discover majors and careers that fit with your interests and abilities and connect with various Career Communities to learn more.

Take what you've learned through self-assessment and exploration of potential majors and career paths to prepare your personal and professional goals. Use the following information to understand what's involved in choosing a career path and learn how to utilize connections with "people in the know" to gain insights about experiences that interest you. Here you can also find resources for how to create your professional materials as you to seek out new opportunities.

Now it's time to use what you've learned to test the waters through student organizations, volunteering, internships, and jobs that interest you. Experiences provide you with insight into a career field that can lead to better decision-making down the road. Additionally, experience is highly valued by employers as it shows your interests and skill development. The Career Center can be with you every step of the way to empower you as you take action towards your goals.