The Life Values Inventory (LVI)  is a questionnaire-style assessment which measures how strongly you endorse certain pre-determined values such as Achievement, Belonging, Financial Prosperity and Spirituality.  The assessment also measures where these values find their strongest expression and areas in your life where they are expressed least. 

What would I learn?

The LVI  will increase your awareness of who you are. It will also provide suggestions on how your values interface with your personal and professional life, and whether or not the activities and experiences you engage in are in line with your highly prioritized values.  You can use the results to gather additional information about career options and activities that naturally align with your values. The assessment will also cover practical steps you can take if you want to increase the presence of a value in your life or seek a suitable place to express that value. 

How can I take the Life Values Inventory?

The LVI is a free online assessment.  No appointment with a counselor is necessary, and you can immediately receive and review the results as you see fit.  Visit to take the assessment and create a profile.  You can take the assessment as many times as you'd like and record how your values change over time.  You can always bring the results in to talk to a career counselor as part of an appointment.