People who have artistic, innovating, or intuitional abilities and like to work in unstructured situations using their imagination and creativity. These individuals might describe themselves as creative, imaginative, innovative, unconventional, emotional, independent, expressive, original, introspective, impulsive, sensitive, courageous, complicated, idealistic, and nonconforming. It is important to remember that "artistic" in this sense does not refer to specific abilities, but instead refers to a category of interests, skills, and values.

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Self-expression, art appreciation, communication, and culture. Interests related to activities outside of work may include: photography, sketching/painting, attending concerts, writing poetry, stories, or plays, collecting artwork, going to theaters or museums, dancing, cooking and entertaining. Interests related to work activities may include: composing/writing, creating or displaying artwork, acting/performing, playing a musical instrument, decorating and designing, planning menus, conceptualizing, teaching dance, working independently.

"Artistic occupations frequently involve working with forms, designs and patterns. They often require self-expression and the work can be done without following a clear set of rules." per O*Net Online


  • Expressing ideas in words, pictures, stories
  • Writing
  • Entertaining
  • Visualizing and spatial skills
  • Acting/performing/singing
  • Musical skills
  • Imagining
  • Innovating
  • Designing
  • Verbal skills


  • Beauty
  • Aesthetics
  • Language
  • Creative expression
  • Emotions
  • Independence
  • Intuition
  • Change
  • Artistic Creativity

Community & Activities

If you have Artistic interests, you could be interested in any of the career communities, so make sure to investigate all of them. These communities in particular could be a good place to start:

Below is a small sample of clubs and activities at UVA that may focus on Artistic themes and interests. The club directory will have even more options that you can explore.

  • Radio Music Society
  • Fashion for a Cause
  • Arts and Sciences Council Major Advising Program (MAP)
  • Ceramics Club at UVA.
  • A Single Carrot Freshly Observed: Undergraduate Journal of Art
  • Glass, Garden Magazine
  • Student Council Student Arts Committee
  • Virginia Photography Club
  • The Cavalier Daily
  • Daring Explorers of Creative and Alternative Foods (DECAF)
  • Baking Club

Relevant Majors & Courses

Below are examples of majors at UVA that may focus on Artistic themes and interests.  This list is just a small sample of the majors available at UVA and is by no means exhaustive.  Explore the full list of undergraduate majors further  and be sure to speak with an Association Dean, Advisor, or Director of Undergraduate Programs if you have questions about the major.

  • Architecture
  • Art, Studio
  • Art History
  • Classics
  • Comparative Literature
  • Drama
  • English
  • Foreign Languages
  • Media Studies
  • Medieval Studies
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Urban & Environmental Planning

Potential Occupations

O*Net Online provides selected occupations matching interest areas. Occupations are sorted by Job Zones that group occupations by required education, related experience, and on-the-job training. Please see O*Net Realistic occupations page for more options.  Again, this list is just a small sample of some of the occupations that relate to the Artistic theme.  Remember that most occupations have more than one theme associated with them, so if you don't see an occupation listed here, look at some of the other theme pages or search for that occupation on O*Net.

  • Actor 
  • Advertising Art Director 
  • Advertising Manager 
  • Architect 
  • Art Teacher 
  • Artist 
  • Copy Writer 
  • Dance Instructor 
  • Drama Coach 
  • Editors
  • English Teacher 
  • Entertainer/Performer 
  • Fashion Illustrator 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Intelligence Research Specialist 
  • Interior Designer 
  • Journalist/Reporter  
  • Librarian 
  • Medical Illustrator 
  • Multimedia Artists and Animators
  • Museum Curator 
  • Music Teacher
  • Photographer 
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Training and Development Specialists
  • Video Game Designers
  • Writer