Internship Placement Program

Explore careers, gain professional experience, skills, and expand your network in Charlottesville during the academic year or summer! Over 300 internship placements are available each year.

For over 40 years, UVA has connected students with quality professional internships with public sector and private industry organizations in Charlottesville as an important part of its public service mission. The UVA Internship Placement Program continues this tradition offering you a customized placement with a pre-qualified internship matched to your career field of interest for the summer, semester, or academic year. 

The Internship Placement Program team will match you based on the best opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals. We will help you develop your skills and knowledge through a Professional Development Workshop and provide ongoing support in all aspects of your internship experience. Program internships can be paid or unpaid and may be pursued for credit. All internship sites are pre-qualified to meet UVA standards and guidelines established for internships by the Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act.

While internship placement cannot be guaranteed, one application provides you with consideration for multiple opportunities, professional skill development through the application process, and review for all sessions.


  • One application for multiple internship opportunities
  • Customized internship placement
  • Pre-qualified internships
  • Professional Development Workshop
  • Develop skills necessary for future opportunities
  • Build industry knowledge and experiences
  • Expand your network
  • UVA Career Center support during internship

Advanced IPP Option - Credit

Connect your internship with a semester-long one credit internship reflection course (UNST 3510) to enhance the internship experience. The course is offered during the fall and spring semesters and features topics such as organizational development, leadership, team dynamics, professional skills, and career management to deepen your understanding and internship work.  The course is completed concurrently or post internship. A maximum of two credits (two semesters) can be completed through the Advanced Internship Placement Program.

Note: Some internship sites require credit due to employment policies.


To be eligible for the Internship Placement Program or Advanced Internship Placement Program, students must:

  • be currently enrolled as a full-time UVA undergraduate student
    *Priority is given to upperclassmen in the College of Arts & Sciences
  • attain overall and major GPA of at least 2.5
  • be in good academic standing and clear disciplinary record
  • be able to meet the health, age, academic, security, and/or related internship criteria of the sponsoring organization
  • commit to the program requirements, policies, and professionalism
  • Advanced IPP: Class schedule accommodation for one credit UNST course (IPP can be take twice for credit; 2 credit maximim)


In accepting an IPP internship, students agree to complete the following:

  • Academic Year/Semester Session requires 10 hours/week for the duration of the session (see dates below)
  • Summer Session requires 20 hours/week  (see dates below)
  • Mandatory IPP Intern Orientation & Professional Skills Workshop
  • IPP Reflections of the Week journal for each week of the session
  • UNST 3510 if required by the internship site or Advanced IPP option
  • Adherence to IPP professional conduct policies and human resource policies outlined by hosting organization
  • Intern Performance Evaluation
    Note:  Students are not permitted to pursue IPP internships outside of the program; doing so is a violation of program policies and requirements that ensure quality internship experiences.


Choose from one of the available sessions:

  • 2018-19 Academic Year: 08/28/2018 – 04/30/2019
  • 2018 Fall: 08/28/2018 – 12/07/2018
  • 2019 Spring: 01/14/2019 – 04/30/2019
  • 2018 Summer & Academic Year (Clinical Research Internships):06/18/2018 – 04/30/2019

Student Registration

  1. See IPP timeline/deadlines below.
  2. Review the Internship Placement Program participation guidelines
  3. Sign-in to Handshake
  4. Explore IPP internships - Search <IPP> under Handshake Jobs 
    "Favorite" 5 internships of interest to include in your IPP application
  5. Register for the Internship Placement Program; $95.00 application fee 
    Note: A waived fee, as a refund after application submission, is available for students with demonstrated financial need.  Indicate "fee waiver" in the IPP application.
    • ​Select <Events>
    • Search <Career Fairs>
      This module contains a virtual event registration program supporting the Internship Placement Program
    • Select the 2018-19 Internship Placement Program and <Join Event>
    • Pay $95.00 application fee and receive confirmation with IPP application link
  6. Complete IPP application  
    Include 5 internship preferences with title/job id from your "favorite" list 
  7. ​Receive application confirmation and link to schedule a required interview with the IPP team
  8. Prepare for your interview using UVA Career Center resources
  9. Receive prelminary internship placement or deferral from IPP team

Finalizing Your IPP Internship

  1. Interview on site with IPP supervisor
  2. Confirm internship placement with IPP Participation Form by deadline
  3. Complete IPP Intern Orientation & Professional Skills Workshop (dates in IPP Timeline)
  4. Register for UNST 3510, Internship Reflection course in SIS


Internship Site Renewal/Application Period  10/01/2018 - 01/07/2019
Student Application Period - Spring Session Deadline 11/26/2018
Student Application Period - Summer/Academic Year Sessions 01/07-03/01/2019
Intern Orientation & Professional Skills Workshop - Summer & Academic Year 06/09/2019
Thanksgiving Recess 11/21/2018 - 11/25/2018
Final Intern Performance Evaluations 12/03/2018
Internships Conclude 12/07/2018
Exam Period 12/10/2018-12/18/2018
Spring Semester/Internship Start Date 01/14/2019
Academic Year Session 2018-19 08/28/2018 - 04/30/2018
Fall Session 2018 08/28/2018 - 12/07/2018
Spring Session 2019 01/14/2019 - 04/30/2019
Summer Session 2019 06/10 - 08/02/2019
Academic Year Session 2019-2020 08/27-04/28/2019

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