Second Year
  • Begin evaluating your career aspirations
  • Explore various graduate school programs
  • Talk to alumni, faculty and current graduate school students
  • Look into school requirements
Third Year Fall
  • Continue to explore your career options and possibilities
  • Continue targeted research and information gathering
  • Research information on entrance exam testing
Third Year Spring
  • Prepare for your entrance exam
  • Obtain applications from specific schools you are interested in attending
Third Year Summer
  • Take entrance exam now or in fall
  • Begin drafting application essays and your personal statement
Fourth Year Fall
  • Meet with school representatives
  • Visit schools
  • Have application essays critiqued
  • Ask for letters of recommendation
  • Conduct a mock interview with the career center
  • Submit materials for early decision if applicable
  • Research scholarship, fellowship and assistantship opportunities
  • Complete financial aid documents
  • Submit all application materials to schools
Fourth Year Spring
  • Continue visiting schools if possible
  • Ensure your application is submitted by the appropriate school deadlines
  • Keep track of acceptances and rejections
  • If you have multiple acceptances, make a final decision on which school you plan to attend
  • Notify the schools that you plan not to attend

Note: This timetable provides a sample timline of events for applying to graduate or professional school. Many applicants do not fit this pattern of applying during their undergraduate study. Please consult a career counselor if you have questions.