Almost all ABA-approved law schools and several non-ABA-approved schools require that their applicants register for the Credential Assembly Services provided by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) allows you to submit all required application documents to multiple schools at once. The CAS allows you to stay organized during the application process, and it provides a way for your recommenders to easily submit letters of recommendation. A CAS report will be prepared for every law school to which you apply. The report contains information that is important in the law school admissions process. Your report will include:

  • An undergraduate academic summary
  • Copies of all undergraduate, graduate, and law school transcripts
  • LSAT scores and writing sample copies
  • Copies of letters of recommendation if processed by LSAC

Subscribe to the CAS the summer in the year before you plan to start law school. For students who plan to enter law school directly after undergraduate school, this would be the summer between third and fourth year. If you plan to wait for one or more years to apply to law school, you should not subscribe to the service until you actually begin to apply to law schools.

Get started by creating a LSAC account at