FOCUS 2 Career is an online assessment tool designed for you to complete a number of self-assessments and independently explore related academic majors and occupations. There are five self-assessments you can complete that provide you with personal insight related to your: work and leisure interests, values, skills, and personality characteristics. Your assessment results are matched to occupations and supporting majors at the University of Virginia that you can research and determine if you're interested in exploring these options further.

What would I learn?

FOCUS 2 will increase your awareness of your interests in work, school and leisure, as well as provide a general sense for your core values, potential skills, and personality characteristics. It will also provide suggestions for occupations and UVa majors which seem suited to the type of person you are today. You can use the results to gather additional information about your options and add ideas within the "Take Action" section for steps you hope to take in the future. This assessment doesn't tell you what you SHOULD do, but provides easy access to options you can consider.

How do I take FOCUS 2?

This is a tool that can be used independently and is easily accessible on most mobile devices. You do not need to meet with a career counselor prior to accessing this tool, however you may find it extremely helpful to discuss your results with a counselor in the future. Feel free to stop by our general office hours in Newcomb 170, M - F 12-5pm, or stop by our new location in 1515 on the corner for a drop in "career chat" with one of our counselors. You can also schedule an individual appointment through Handshake to discuss your FOCUS 2 results.

What are other resources I can use that will provide similar information?

You might also consider exploring O*Net Online and browse by interests to organize careers into categories. The Strong Interest Inventory is another tool that we offer to students, however you will need to meet with a counselor prior to completing this assessment.