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Field of Study: The recovery, analysis and interpretation of material remains of past cultures and societies

Post-Graduate Occupations of past American History Majors 

  • Archaeologists
  • City Planners
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Council Members
  • Professors
  • Archivists
  • Business Owners
  • Building Conservators

Professional Associations

Build Your Resume

Don't forget to pursue opportunities outside of your schoolwork. Your major is one of many lenses you might use to look at possible careers.  Explore UVA Career Center resources on internships, externships, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities. Actively participating in these experiences can help clarify current goals and future interests, while building skills that employers want. Below are some ideas on how you can enhance your resume:

  • Consider pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Gain research experience through professor assistance.
  • Develop excellent research, writing, communication, public speaking, and organizational skills.
  • Seek out leadership roles across Grounds.
  • Acquire computer knowledge and experience.
  • Join related professional associations as a student member.  
  • Gain experience through volunteer opportunities, internships, and/or part-time jobs.