How do I choose a major? How do I know that a major is right for me? How do I figure out what my interests and skills are?  How should I begin exploring career possibilities?

These are some of the kinds of questions that Career Counselors will often receive from First and Second Year students during a Career Counseling appointment.  If you've ever caught yourself wondering these things, or are curious about these questions, then you might consider joining a Career Exploration Workshop.

What are Career Exploration Workshops?

Fall 2017 Career Exploration Dates

Career Exploration Guide

Career Exploration Workshop FAQs

What are Career Exploration Workshops?

Career Exploration Workshops (or CEWS) are small 10 - 12 person workshops that meet once a week for four weeks. These hour-long workshops will give students the time and space to explore their unique career attributes like their interests, values, and skills and then clarify connections between those career attributes and academic and professional interests. Students will be able to work with a career counselor and a group of peers in the process. You can bounce ideas off of one another, connect outside of the workshop, and provide help and support to other people who are in the same boat. In a career exploration workshop, you will:

  • Explore majors, activities, and extracurriculars at UVa and clarify connections between your personal interests, academic interests, extracurricular interests, and potential careers.
  • Work with a group of peers to learn ways to make balanced career decisions while taking into account your unique interests, values, and skills.
  • Learn the various resources offered by the Career Center and create personalized action plan to further explore possibilities and make career connections.

You may not have receive every single answer to every single question you have, but you will have a safe place where you can get guidance, advice, and ideas about your career. For a lot of first and second years it may feel like a major may be the first big decision you make in your professional life, and may be something that determines your success later on.  

If you're interested in participating, log in to Handshake to register for an upcoming workshop and a member of the Career Center team will get in touch with you about the next steps. 

Fall 2017 Career Exploration Workshop Dates

Wednesdays, September 6 –  September 27         

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 pm               Location: UVA Career Center Conference Room, Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium

Thursdays,  October 5 – October 26 (Echols Scholars)

Time: 11 am - 12 pm                Location: UVA Career Center Conference Room, Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium

Tuesdays, October 10 – October 31

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm               Location: UVA Career Center Conference Room, Bryant Hall at Scott Stadium

Wednesdays, October 25 – November 15          

Time: 2:30 – 3:30 pm               Location: "The Study, 1515

*Note that additional workshops for 1st and 2nd year Echols Scholars, transfer students, and students interested in entrepreneurship may also be offered throughout the academic year; search Handshake for more information.

Career Exploration Guide

For a taste of what you might expect in a Career Exploration Workshop, check out the interactive Career Exploration Guide.

Career Exploration Workshops FAQs

Q: How do I know a CEW is right for me?

A: f you are struggling to determine how to choose a major that feels right for you, or curious to learn how your current academic and extracurricuar pursuits can help you identify potential career paths, career exploration workshops are perfecct for you. You won't leave the workshop with a definite path or all the answers but you will have clarity around a few of your options and next steps to take to continue exploring and gaining experience.

Q: How do I sign up for a CEW?

A: If you're interested in participating, sign up for a Career Exploration through Handshake and a member of the Career Center team will get in touch with you about the next steps. We have several sessions of the workshop in the Fall and in the Spring. Most of the workshops take place at the Career Center unless otherwise indicated.

Q: What if none of those times and dates work for me?

A: You might consider making an individual appointment with a Career Counselor. Or, if you would like to get a glimpse of what an individual appointment might look like, you can stop by 1515 M - F from Noon - 5 pm to chat with a Career Counselor about ANYTHING.  Additionally, you might see if the times in the spring are more in line with your schedule.

Q: What if space in the CEW fills up?

A: As space is limited, it is likely that not all students interested in a particular workshop offering will be able to participate at the designated time. Students are selected by considering a number of factors, including some of the following: sincere interest, expressed need for exploration support within a group context, nature of career and/or major concerns, and class year. If  the workshops fills up, you are encouraged to look for additional offerings of this workshop throughout the fall and spring semesters. If none of the additional offering work for your schedule, consider making an individual appointment with a Career Counselor. dropping by 1515 M - F from Noon - 5 pm.