If you are a first or second year student struggling to determine how to choose a major that feels right for you, or curious to learn how your current academic pursuits can help you identify potential career paths, you may also consider registering to participate in a Career Exploration Workshop.

Career Exploration Workshops (or CEWS) are small 10 - 12 person workshops that meet once a week for four weeks. The workshops are an hour long, and in them you'll get to work with a Career Counselor who will give you the time and space to explore and tackle these questions about major and career.  The benefit is that you are able to work with a group of peers who all have the same questions.  You can bounce ideas off of one another, connect outside of the workshop, and provide help and support to other people who are in the same boat. You may not have every single answer to every single question you have, but you will have a safe place where you can get guidance, advice, and ideas about your career.