Dean & Company

2018-2019 Sponsor


Dean & Company is a highly quantitative, boutique strategy consulting firm located in Vienna, Virginia with a unique mix of both traditional business strategy development and a range of investment advisory work. Our clients include large corporations and private equity funds. We work with senior executives to dramatically and sustainably improve their company’s performance, often in situations where they are facing new, complex, and unstructured problems or opportunities. Our fact-based, analytical, and hands-on approach, combined with our commitment to create actionable solutions and to work with our clients to see them through implementation, provides a compelling and unique value proposition.

The firm’s capabilities span a range of industries and business issues. At any one point in time, the focus is generally in two areas given our relatively small size. In the past these areas have included: telecommunications, private equity, financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, technology, and more. We work with a number of private equity funds, including Lindsay Goldberg, a key client for over 15 years. We have capability and experience across a range of business issues including pricing, business development, competitor analysis, benchmarking, distribution, product planning, and M & A.

As with any successful entity, Dean & Company can attribute most of its sustained achievement to a single factor: the quality of our people. Beginning with a highly experienced management team, Dean & Company focuses on attracting and retaining professionals of the highest caliber. The diversity of our individuals’ backgrounds and skill sets further enables us to address the type of new, complex, and often unstructured problems that our clients face.


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