Become a career catalyst.

Become an externship site host for University of Virginia students who want to expand their network and learn from an industry expert. The time commitment is just 3-7 days during January, or during the Summer months (May-August). 

The University of Virginia’s Career IDEAs Externship Program was created in partnership with UVA IDEA Fund, which promotes initiatives that ensure the values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access permeate UVA’s community and culture. 

How can an extern help you?

  • The program allows you to give back to the UVA community 
  • Hosting an extern increases your organization’s cachet with diverse populations
  • You can identify potential talent early on in the process

How do you help our externs?

  • Students who extern can increase  their confidence and social capital
  • You help enhance their knowledge of self and skills
  • You provide an opportunity to broaden their professional and personal worldview

Host Requirements

  • Provide a substantive 3-7 day experience at your place of business.
  • Identify a point person/extern supervisor.
  • Conduct orientations for the student about company specific culture, expectations, policies and procedures where applicable
  • Provide clear communication and expectations to students.
  • Provide the participant with a work space and materials to perform duties.
  • Complete our externship evaluation survey and debrief.
  • Notify the Career Center of any issues or concerns regarding the student.

Student Expectations 

  • Students will be expected to have professionalism and respect throughout the entire externship.
  • Externships are unpaid, and students are responsible for arranging and paying for travel, housing, meals, etc.
  • Students and extern hosts both will both be given a chance to provide constructive feedback from each other, as well as the program as a whole.  

Externship Activity Suggestions

  • Provide a tour of the company and discuss company culture and work environment.
  • Observation of the daily activities and challenges of a job(s) that relates to student area of interest.
  • Schedule informational interviews with other staff members.
  • Ask students to participate in meetings and presentations.
  • Describe future opportunities within the company and your process for selecting the right candidates
  • Identify relevant short term projects and professional development activities (with the help of the Career Center).

Post-Externship Evaluation Process

We ask that all extern hosts complete a post-externship evaluation. This short survey that will be emailed to you within the week of the externship. This is a crucial part of the process, as mentees thrive on professional feedback.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are externships paid?

No, hosts are not required to pay their externs.  

Do I need to host for the full seven days? 

No. We ask that you accommodate the students for at least 3 days. Beyond that, scheduling is at the host's discretion.  We just ask that students receive a substantive experience, that allows them see the full picture of your workplace.

Do students receive credit for their externship?

No. Students not receive academic credit for this program.

How do I start?

You can begin by filling out an Externship Host Registration Form here.