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Jobs & Internships

Gaining related experience throughout your undergraduate experience is critical to ensuring a smooth transition upon graduation. Employers expect new employees to have between one to three directly related experiences when they graduate. Experiential learning opportunties provide the opportunity to apply what you are learning in the classroom and gain a better understanding of the world of work. The Internships, Externships & Fellowships section of our website provides a variety of tools and resources to help you explore and search for these types of opportunities.

Part-time experiences are extremely valuable and another form of experiential learning that will allow you to acquire and hone your skills while gaining experience. Finding part-time positions that relate to your overall career goals or provide good transferable skills will help to make you more marketable upon graduation.

Consider the resources below:

UVA Involvement & Volunteering

Critical to your job search is developing the desired skillset outside the classroom. Explore the opportunities below to enhance your candidate profile.

Additional training and educational opportunities to supplement your skillset:

Rotational & Leadership Programs