Monday, March 13, 2017 - 8:00am to Friday, May 19, 2017 - 5:00pm
TBD TBD Charlottesville, VA 22904, USA

As you prepare to walk the Lawn this Spring, the University asks that you share your current post-graduation plans in the Student Outcome Activity Report prior to graduation. Whether you are actively exploring job or internship opportunities, applying to graduate or professional school, planning to travel or be a service volunteer, or taking time off, we are interested in your plans and available to offer assistance with your next steps. Please sign-in to SOAR ( now to complete your profile.

Students can now access outcome trends for the Class of 2016! Log-in now ( and click on Research Tools to check out the below:
- Hiring Timelines by Industry: Get a better feel for when you should start the job search in your industry of interest
- Average Salaries by Major and Employer: See what students in your major averaged last year and go into offer negotiations with all the information you need
- Job Source: Check out where and how students secured jobs or internships by major and industry so you have a starting point in your search
- Graduate School Acceptance and Fields of Study: Learn what fields of study students in your major are pursuing after graduation and where

SOAR is a vital planning tool the University uses to improve students’ experiences at UVA. We gather information about majors, career plans, and the pursuit of advanced degrees. Current students can access job, salary, and graduate school trends in SOAR real-time and use SOAR as a career planning resource. If you have any questions or issues with SOAR, please submit an inquiry to