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Amar Bukvic's Internship

UVA Career Center – June 29th, 2017

The sun rises at 0501 with roosters from the neighboring park reminding you of the day that is about to begin. Cobble stoned streets awaken with activity in much the same way as when they were laid down during the renaissance. Local pastry, bakery, and coffee shops open their doors throughout the residential streets awaiting the hungry commuter with strong drips of espresso and pain au chocolate. There is diversity among the people on the streets but they all seem to act in unison entering the tram, riding their bicycles, or walking to where they need to be.

Lucas Dolan's Internship

UVA Career Center – June 29th, 2017

Today officially marks the start of my third week here at the American Council of Life Insurers as an economic research intern. Over the past two weeks I’ve become fully immersed in the operations of the trade association while adjusting to the pace of the work week.

I was apprehensive entering the internship as I was unfamiliar with both the industry I would be working to represent and the responsibilities of a job in a traditional office setting. However, I quickly came to realize my fears were unwarranted.

Tomas Esquer-Perez's Internship

UVA Career Center – June 29th, 2017

This summer I am super excited to be interning at the Aspen Institute with the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) program. I just finished my second week of my internship and I have already learned so much! Before diving into the specifics of my responsibilities, I will start with a brief overview of the organization I am involved with. The Aspen Institute was founded in 1949 by a man named Walter Paepcke with the overarching mission of providing a space for dealing with critical issues in a nonpartisan manner.

Robbie Berndt's Internship

UVA Career Center – June 29th, 2017

This summer I will be a Market Research Analyst for a startup company called Anthropy, created by my boss, Ross Byrd. I applied to numerous internships, but eventually chose to be an intern for Ross because of how interesting his new startup business sounded to me. Anthropy is an online site that’s intentions are to connect mentors to mentees, in any type of industry.

Riley Clark's Internship

UVA Career Center – June 29th, 2017

When I think of “adult problems,” I picture sorting out bills or financing a house. However, as a consequence of my new adult-like life, I found that these problems could also be a lot smaller too. It was 6:30 in the morning and I was certainly not acclimated to this transition into routine. I rubbed my groggy eyes and second-guessed my preplanned outfit decision. I just moved into my aunt’s house a day prior. A quick sort of professional clothes meant a last minute ensemble. “Does a gray sports jacket really compliment black slacks?

Hong Jik Lee's Internship

UVA Career Center – June 29th, 2017

This summer, I’m working for a startup named 1DegreeApp. My main goal for the summer is to create a new website ( using and revamp the existing dashboard using PHP and MYSQL. I always thought about doing my own startup in the IT field after I graduate from University of Virginia, so when I heard about this position on Facebook, I immediately knew that’s where my summer would be spent. I started working on May 15.