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New Grad Student Organization for Science Policy!

UVA Career Center – April 3rd, 2017

The Science Policy Initiative (SPI) at UVa is a new student organization for graduate students who are interested in careers in science policy, or just learning more about how to be engaged in science policy. You can learn more about the organization and sign up for the mailing list to receive announcements about meetings and events on the website (

UVA Virginia Network Discussion

Winnie Tsao – April 3rd, 2017

Our guest speaker at the April 13th event will be Pamela Norris, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs and the Frederick Tracy Morse Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Having risen through the ranks at UVA to her current position as one of the few female scientists holding an endowed chair at UVA, Pam is a highly accomplished scientist and scholar with extensive experience as a veteran PI. She has led a number of complex programs from a variety of prominent agencies, including several grants from NSF.

CodeJam - Google's 14th annual Algorithmic, Global Coding Competition

UVA Career Center – March 29th, 2017

CodeJam is here!

Registration is now open for Google’s 14th annual algorithmic, global coding competition. And back for the third year is the Distributed CodeJam track, giving contestants even more ways to test their programming skills. This year, the competition is bigger than ever!

Join for your chance to:

Didn't Get Into Your Major of Choice? Don't Worry!

Melvin Walker – March 29th, 2017

Speaking from experience, not getting into your major of choice may seem like the end of the world BUT it is not. I know many of you have heard, “Major does not equal career”. This statement could not be truer. Declaring a major is only one part of your career path and through your major you take classes that interest you. Because you are taking classes that interest you, your GPA can only improve and you will gain transferable skills (e.g improving written communication, public speaking, etc).

2017 Masergy STEM Scholarship ($5000)

Christie Julien – March 28th, 2017

Masergy is proud to support the next generation of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students by providing a scholarship of $5,000 to a student demonstrating excellent promise in their area of study. As an innovator in the tech industry, we understand the importance of the STEM fields and wish to advocate for the industry’s future leaders by assisting their efforts toward a degree.