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Helping UVA students as an industry expert!

Kate Melton – February 24th, 2017

What's one tidbit of career advice you wish you had as an undergraduate?  Have any advice for counselors about advising students in your industry?

Whether you are a UVA alumnus or an interested and engaged parent (or both!), we welcome you to join our Career Communities in providing more specialized industry knowledge to students.  The UVA Career Communities are designed to promote networking and facilitate connections for students, particularly in fields where large-scale recruiting may not be the primary hiring strategy. 

Bank of America Campus Connect: STEM Series - Register now!

Yuyan Zhang – February 24th, 2017

Are you a freshman or sophomore who is interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics?   Join us for our Bank of America Campus Connect 3-part STEM-Series hosted by our Global Technology, Global Quantitative Finance, and Sales and Trading teams.  In each session, we will explore how STEM affects the daily happenings at a global bank and how you can get involved.  See handout for more details about each webcast. 



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Be at Peace With Your Job Search

Christie Julien – February 23rd, 2017

Deciding to embark on a career search can frazzle even the most “Zen” of minds. There are countless working parts and a multitude of aspects to consider when it comes to starting and staying the course of a targeted job search. Résumés, LinkedIn, online applications, face-to-face networking—and those are just the basics. When the "how to" of reaching your career goals begins to pull you in myriad directions, how do you keep the search mindful?

To be mindful simply means to be present. To remain conscious in your actions. To give purpose to your intent.

60 Bio-Synthetic Startups You Might Not Have Known About

Christie Julien – February 23rd, 2017

I've spoken to a fair number of students who know they are interested in the Life and Physical Sciences, but aren't quite sure what to do with it beyond medicine and research.  One area to consider is Synthetic Biology, the application of engineering concepts to biology, often at the molecular level.  For those of you interested in Chem Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry, I may be speaking your language.  CBinsights, a Data science firm has mapped 67 Biosynthetic startups, and the results are varied and eclectic.